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My first surface piercing

My first surface piercing was the second piercing I had ever had, and the first piercing I had got since my ears when I was really young (and I fainted when I got my ears pierced). My piercer was a very close friend of mine called Dan who had been a piercer for a couple of years before he pierced me, so I knew I was in safe hands.

One day I went to see him in his tattoo and piercing studio in our home town and I suddenly decided I needed more metal in my skin. I'd always been obsessed with piercings but never had the guts to get my own until then. I had a sudden urge, haha! And thank god! If I hadn't had that urge then, god knows when I would have started getting mods.

I decided I liked the look of surface piercings because they were different. I needed to be able to hide the piercing from my mother back then because I knew she'd freak out if she ever saw it, and Dan suggested I got the back of my neck done... so I did.

He took me into the piercing room at the back and set out all of the equipment...I chose a 22mm bar because 2 was my lucky number back then, and stuck on one of my favourite tunes (all of my surface piercings since this one have been 22mm, and I always have the same song on in the background). This was my first serious piercing; I was getting really nervous, even starting to regret my decision! But I was still really excited so I just sat there waiting for it to happen.

The freezing spray was undoubtedly the worst bit, and I stand by that to this day, it is agony! But well worth it, I barely felt the needle going through my skin. It was done in seconds; I chose some big blingy balls to go on each end and it looked amazing just below my hairline (which back then was pillarbox red). I just loved it, the rush of getting a piercing even now still gives me a massive boost of energy, and for some reason I always feel a hundred times more confident when I've just gone and got one done.

I remember the fist time my mum saw my nape piercing. We were at a really posh family party and it was a swelteringly hot day so I put my hair up... I'd completely forgotten that I had to keep it down to hide my piercing. She was talking to a bunch of people when I turned around to get a drink, and she saw it. I couldn't help but laugh at her reaction, I could tell she was disgusted, she couldn't even look at it... for some reason this made me happy though. I think it was the first time she realised that it was MY body, and it was MY decision what I do with it. To be honest I think it was just fear of the unknown for her, nowadays she's absolutely intrigued when I'm getting new piercing, and has a couple of her own.

After about six months the piercing went pretty gross, although I knew this was my fault – I had touched it too often – it was still upsetting. I didn't want to wear my hair up because my piercing just didn't look nice any more. At this point I decided it wasn't going to get any better, so one day I took it out. I missed it so badly! I was so used to reaching behind my neck when I was bored or nervous and just playing with my piercing, but I couldn't do that anymore! So about a month later I went back to Dan and he re-pierced it through the scar tissue.

This time it hurt more, I really felt the needle going through my skin, but it still wasn't too bad. It was very quick, I had a 22mm bar again and finally I had my piercing back! And it looked fantastic. Since then, it hasn't moved. It hasn't grown out, gone scabby, and started bleeding or anything like that. It's almost just like an extension of my body like my hair or nails, I love it so much!

I've had plenty of surface piercings since that one, and I still try and treat them as best I can, touching them as little as possible and cleaning them loads, but I've learned that when they start to go bad, it's best to take them out sooner rather than later, to make the scars as small as possible. And I've also learned that most piercings, when done through scar tissue tend to be a lot more successful than the first time they are pierced.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 Aug. 2008
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Dan+Hayes
Studio: Under+The+Skin
Location: Swaffham%2C+Norfolk%2C+England

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