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The little Micro dermal that could

This is the story of my poor wrist micro dermal that had a very rough start but luckily is still a permanent placement on my body.
I discovered micro dermals when my first piercer had one on his arm. I didn't fully understand the concept until I adventured on to the BME website and then on to industrial steels website. By that time I had acquired a labret, a nose stud and 4 ear piercing and was dying for something new that was more unusual then the items I had. Thought was going to be super easy to heal and I wouldn't half to care as much about it as a surface piercing, I was very wrong.
The first step was to find a piercer who did micro dermals in Arkansas: That was quite a feat in its self. My original piercer had stopped piercing for personal reasons so he was out of the question. I scouted numerous shops and was told they don't do that weird crap by many of the pierces. That was until I went into Knight Times (a wonderful shop). The owner had actually discovered micro dermals on the west coast and seemed eager to pierce. He showed my pictures of micro dermals he had done on customers recently. I was very excited and decided I had to have one.
They had to sterilize the micro dermal its self so I was to come back in the morning. I came back and was greeted and told to wait while he set up. The nervousness took over my body at that point and all over body shaking took over (felt like a complete pussy). He brought me back and asked the exact location I was wanting. I told him the top of the wrist. He positioned the marks where it wouldn't interfere with movement and pulled out the needle. At that point I couldn't look and just felt a sharp sting as the made the pocket. The longest part was when the hand to push the dermal under the skin. Finally I was given the ok to look at the piercing. It still had the healing cap on which but he was already in the process of changing to a black gemstone top. That was when the problems started.
The back seemed to deep compared to the front and he had a trouble putting the new top in. He manhandled the piercing for about 5 minutes until the top was on. It looked very red but had no pain or swelling. I got to show my piercing to every one in the shop and then was sent home with after care instructions
It was perfectly fine for the first day except the part that seemed deep. The next day I had to go to work (Walgreen's) where ended up pulling part of my piercing out on a shelf. I sterilized the piercing and pushed it back in. The poor dermal became red and very painful at that point. I tried to keep and infection at bay with antibiotic cream and sea salt soaks but the piercing still became infected. I jewelry became loose and puss was constantly leaking out of the hole.
After a week of and angry piercing bothering me I went to the doctor. I went to a ready-clinic because my normal doctor would have skinned me alive. I wrote infected piercing on the information sheet and when I was called in the nurse looked right down at my crotch and asked where the infected piercing was because the ones on my face where fine. Slightly peeved I told her it was on my arm not on my clit thank you very much (this happened with every other nurse and the doctor). She looked at the micro dermal with amusement and told me the doctor would be in soon. The doctor was older but seemed up to date on piercing. He wrote me a script and I was off. My piercing cleared up soon and was even on both sides.
I thought I was all clear but later it got infected again. I went to another doctor who said the piercing had an inward traveling infection that didn't get all the way cleared up. He said it could of eated away at my arm and he was amazed it didn't reject. So I was given stronger meds because I refused to give up my micro dermal. After the last treatment (which was an antibiotic that makes your skin be able to get sun burnt by house lights) it is perfectly healed. I love my micro dermals and the advice I give to any one wanting to get one is that I can reject, can get infected and is not a piercing you can get and forget about.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 31 July 2008
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Studio: Knight+Times
Location: Arkansas

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