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My difficult microdermal

I have quite a collection of piercings, nothing too crazy, but enough for people to tell me to stop putting holes in my body. I have several retired piercings, but right now I've got 3 lobe piercings per ear, an industrial, two cartilage piercings, a tragus stud, 10 ga. tongue ring, lip ring, and my brand new microdermal.

The worst piercing I have ever had was my industrial, as it was pierced with very a poor procedure. This experience almost made me black out on the table, bleed for three days, and took over a year to just stop hurting.

With this experience under my belt, I had been debating for a long time whether or not I should try to get a surface bar on my chest. My other surface piercings had never been very painful, but my industrial turned me off piercings for a while.

A friend was discussing piercings with me, so we went to visit a new tattoo and piercing shop that I hadn't been in to before. I was asking about having a surface piercing on my tragus done, as I enjoyed the last one I had, when the piercer suggested getting microdermals instead.

I was very excited about this because back home, microdermals were not done, and I had wanted one for a while. So I made an appointment and went home to debate and make myself very nervous.

I took my best friend to get her nose done for her birthday, she went first, taking all of 4 minutes and then it was my turn.

I laid down on the table, talking to the piercer about healing procedures and removal procedures, he was great with me-answered all my questions without getting annoyed. We joked around for a while as he was preparing his materials and then it was time.

He marked me up and cleaned up the area. I laid down on the table and he started rubbing my skin very hard, which already started to hurt. He said he was trying to loosen it up a little so it wouldn't hurt so bad to put in the jewelry.

After about 5 minutes of pushing and rubbing my skin, he picked up a dermal punch, I'd say 10 ga. and pushed it straight down into my skin, twisting for about 10 seconds.


Ok, that wasn't SO bad..he put down the dermal punch and picked up the piercing needle, he put it in the freshly punched hole and pushed very hard up toward my face, creating the first pocket for the microdermal.


Ok, that was worse. At this point I'm gripping the piercing table very hard.

He turned the needle around and pushed very hard away from my face to make the second pocket.

I'm vocally telling him, "Ow. this is much more painful than a normal piercing" and kind of laughing to distract myself from the pain.

The whole piercing process took a total of about 30 seconds. 30 icredibly painful seconds. Almost as painful as my industrial.

He stepped away for a minute to get the jewelry and I could relax and feel the intense pain in my chest.

Thinking the worst part was over, he pushed the jewelry in to the bottom pocket of skin.

This was much worse than the piercing. The freshly irritated wound was not ready to accept this new invasion of jewelry.

The whole process should have only taken 5-10 minutes. However, since my skin is so stubborn, he ended up having to push, pull, and irritate my body for over 20 minutes.

It wasn't his fault, but it sure was painful.

After all this intense pain and gripping of the table, he finally got the jewelry in place. I stood up and my whole chest ached.

For three days, I could hardly move without being in extreme pain. Mostly bruising and scratches from jewelry placement.

He explained the cleaning process to me, rinsing with saline solution twice a day, and I was on my way.

It was very hard to get used to at first, wearing a seatbelt was impossible, and changing clothes was a little complicated at first, but I got used to it.

I managed to pull it really hard two times in the first week I had it, which hurt like hell, but didn't affect placement or anything.

Now, two weeks later, my microdermal is healing great, no redness, and very little pain when I touch it only.

I'm very happy with it, and by spending all that time on the piercing table I was able to rediscover my strength and tolerance of pain.

My piercer was great, he inspected my piercing twice when I was concerned with the healing, and never lost patience with me at all.

It was a very rewarding experience, and I now have a beautiful little gem to show for it.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 09 July 2008
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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