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A Simple Procedure - My Nape

About four times a year (starting to become less) I travel from Atlanta, Georgia to San Antonio, Texas to visit my dad. Every time I am there, my dad knows he is going to have to take me to Dandyland to see my piercer who has pierced me for almost five years now.

The last time I was there was back in December. I planned on getting a piercing on my right ear to make it a little more even with my left ear. Miro (my piercer) does such great projects and fun piercings that I knew he would come up with something cool. So, I went into the shop (with the shakes as always...I don't know why, I just get so nervous) and waited for him to be done talking to a customer. Once the customer left I greeted Miro with a big smile and hug. We talked about what we were going to do to add on to my right ear (we did a conch piercing...but that's not what this experience is about, so I'll make minimum reference to it) and about some new push fit barbells that I was planning on getting for my lip piercing.

As he was getting all of the jewelry read, I said to him, "So Miro, are you ever actually going to agree to do a nape piercing on me?" Miro knew some of my past problems with scar tissue and also had turned me down in the past for nape piercings mainly because I lived far away and he likes to be able to be close for the more "serious piercings" if I needed to see him. Well, he finally agreed to do it and we all (Miro, myself, and the shop owner) talked about prices for all three things I was getting and settled on some green gemmed balls for my surface bar.

After putting in my lip piercing and piercing my conch (which hurt a lot more than I remember my other conch piercing hurting), Miro and I ventured off to my nape piercing. By this time, I was pretty scared. I always figured all surface piercings were going to hurt quite a bit. We were talking and laughing a lot, which always calms down the situation. After getting some water to recuperate from the first piercing, Miro had me get back on the chair. Which...was pretty awkward. I had to sit straddled on the chair, basically bear hugging the back of it.

One thing I've always loved about my piercer is his attention to detail and his level of perfectionism. In most shops, I am pierced within 2 seconds and walking out. And sure, many might consider that a good thing. But what makes Miro so amazing is that he will sit there for ten minutes to get the bar bent a certain perfect way or to mark the angle of a piercing perfectly. It's why I only get pierced by him, my piercings by him always turn out perfect.

Anyways, he had me bend my neck down and move it around at different angles for about 10-15 minutes (or what felt like 10-15 minutes) to find the perfect spot, perfect length, etc on my nape. After marking it, measuring it, and being even more of a perfectionist about it, we decided it was time to get this going.

I'll be honest, I don't know what went on. I don't remember the needle going in, I don't know how the needle went in (I've never understood surface piercings...I still couldn't tell you how my barbell is in there)...but it was the easiest procedure I've ever been through with any of my piercings. I think the only thing I ever felt was a tight pinch of what I assume was the jewelry going in. It was done two seconds later and Miro cleaned it off for me. Literally, my nape has been my least painful piercing I've ever had. It was the biggest surprise and I can't wait to get another surface piercing.

To anyone thinking of getting a nape piercing or another surface piercing, I'd highly recommend it. I was afraid at first because of the whole "surface piercings never stay!" kind of thing...but then I realized that as long as you go to someone who knows what they are doing, your piercing is going to stay. I've had this piercing for over six months now and it's as happy as ever. During the first month, I had a small bump around it but that went away quickly. I also got a bit of scar tissue on it after an ex-boyfriend decided to roughly grab my neck not once but twice. But like the first bump, that went away. The healing was a very easy heal for me and hardly ever hurt. During the healing process, I wore my hair up every day for about a month (I never wear my hair up) and didn't wear any kind of necklace or shirt that rubbed up against it. I think because of that my nape piercing has loved me even more and has healed a lot better than if I had no avoided those things.

Also, if anyone lives or is traveling to San Antonio and is ever looking to get pierced or tattooed, I'd highly recommend Dandyland. Everyone I have come in contact with in that shop (which is most of them) is extremely nice and incredible at what they do...and they are also very professional and care about their customers immensely. I can't wait to be back in Texas at the end of this month to see Miro again.


submitted by: FreckleFace
on: 09 July 2008
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Miro
Studio: Dandyland+Tattoo
Location: San+Antonio%2C+Texas

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