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DIY Surface piercing? No thank you.

What can I say? I'm a teenager, and this is what we do. We do stupid things and chalk it up to experience even if we know what we're doing is wrong, unsafe, or dangerous. And with my love of piercings, and body mods in general, I'm always curious and wanting to try new things in the way of piercings. I've always loved the look of surface piercings, but never really had the desire to pay $80 for a piercing that would most likely grow out within a few months, probably less. But then, one of my friends had the best idea – Just do it yourself!

It was in December of 2007 and the first semester of the school year was coming to a close. It was the last week before break and we had that Friday off. It was perfect, like the gods just wanted me to stab needles randomly into my teenage flesh. So, I made arrangements to stay the night at my best friend's house, and we sat down at lunch one day and made a list of everything that we would need. Clamps, needles, surface barbells, and brand new marking pens. I made up a story good enough for my mom to believe, gave her $50, and she ordered all of these things for us (I told her they were for a friend. Almost true, right?).

Finally, the night arrived when we would commence our self-proclaimed "piercing party." We chugged countless cans of Monster and Rockstar and put in an Avenged Sevenfold/Cradle of Filth/Slipknot CD, and blasted the music. It was her turn first. We used alcohol and hydrogen peroxide to disinfect and sterilize the clamp and the barbells (the best we could do as we couldn't get to the kitchen to boil them without being noticed), and then we began. She wanted to pierce her hips so I marked where they would go and helped her clamp one of them. She pushed the needle through effortlessly, but when it came to putting the jewelry in, it wasn't so easy. We struggled with it for over 45 minutes and finally got one in. With the ends firmly in place, she decided not to do the other one.

My turn. I was nervous; this was my first self-piercing (but definitely not my last). I stood in front of the full-length mirror and marked the entrance and exit points for the piercing on my belly just below my belly button. Then, we drenched the clamp in peroxide and alcohol again, and I clamped the area. Lying down on the bed (I couldn't do it standing up as my legs were getting weak), she held the clamp upright as I held the cork against my skin on the other side. I used a new needle and pushed it slowly but surely through my skin until it was just barely poking out the other side. I pushed and pushed and finally it broke the skin. I put one end of the barbell into the needle and began to push it through. But the barbell was bent at 90 degree angles, and it was damn near impossible to get through. I struggled and struggled, switching from lying down to standing up to walking around in frustration pushing and bending and, using the needle to cut through that last layer of
skin, it finally pushed through. I screwed on the ball and plopped down onto the bed in relief.

It was healing well at first, but after about a month or so, the skin around the piercing began to turn a dull grey and red and the fistula was getting more and more shallow. I knew the piercing was rejecting, but I just loved it so much and wanted to keep it as long as possible. But, it got ripped halfway out in a wrestling match with my step-dad (my parents never knew) so I knew I had to take it out.

It was so infected from improper sterilization and torn that even six months later I have huge nasty scars from it. When I asked my doctor about them, he told me they weren't just scars – they were keloids. That was exactly what I did not want to hear. I'll have these huge purple bumps on my stomach forever.

Over all, I suggest that if you want to get something like this done, GET IT DONE PROFESSIONALLY. They have properly sterilized tools and can give you the best chance of elongating the life of your piercing. You will still have scars when it grows out, but hardly like the ones that I'm left with now. It was a beautiful piercing when I had it, in fact it's still my favorite out of all the ones I've ever had, but it was a mistake to do it myself. I'm not saying don't self-pierce because I do all my piercings myself (but I take necessary precautions – I've learned my lesson) but do it safely and be smart.

Good luck and happy [insert preferred body mod] ing!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 30 June 2008
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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