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Nape Piercing

I've been getting piercings since the age of 15 having ten in total so far. I had become tired of facial piercings and felt that I had exhausted my ears and really wanted a new piercing that none of my friends had. Nape piercings had interested me for a long time and I felt that having the back of your neck pierced seemed really feminine and decided that that was definitely the piercing that I wanted.

I went to my usual piercing haunt Siva located in Aflecks Palace in Manchester as I had been there on several occasions prior to this and was always pleased. When I got there I didn't recognise the guy working but this didn't really put me off. On asking if I could my nape done he firstly checked the back of my neck to see if it would be possible to do and told me it cost £35 which I was surprised by as I thought it would much more. He then advised me to go eat some chocolate in order to get my blood sugar levels up.

Firstly he spent a while adjusting a plastic bar for my nape, bending it into a staple shape to sit inside my neck. He sat me a stool rather than the usual surgical style bench and began to mark up my neck which took a very long time. He then used a numbing type spray which I was a bit apprehensive about as I had a numbing liquid used on my labret five years earlier and hated it. He assured me that the spray was much better and that my experience wouldn't be the same. I always find that the clamps they use are more painful than the piercing itself which in this case was no exception. He also took ages to get the clamps on.

The piercing itself wasn't that painful, perhaps because he used the spray or maybe because I was expecting it to be a lot worse. It hurt a lot more coming out than it did going but I guess this is because my body knew what to expect the second time round. In comparison of how painful the piercing wasn't my scaffold hurt probably about ten times more than my nape did! The piercing took quite a while to actually do, taking into to consideration all the preparation etc. I was probably there for about twenty five/thirty minutes in all compared to the usual ten minutes.

Afterwards I asked the piercer if he had any recommendations of how to stop it from migrating as I heard that this was a problem with nape piercings. He suggested that I should be really anal about cleaning it and to take zinc tablets as they help with the immune system. (I would really recommend getting zinc tablets for any piercing that you get. After getting my nape done I stretched my ears and I think that taking the zinc tablets really helped the healing time! )

Immediately after getting my nape done it didn't really hurt at all. I didn't feel any discomfort as I did with all my other piercings, because of this I thought that the next day I would wake up and it would be really sore but it wasn't! This piercing caused me no discomfort at all, occasionally it would get a bit itchy if I hadn't cleaned it for a while but that was all. I thought it would bother me whilst I slept and that I would keep getting it caught on things but I didn't at all. It really has been one of the easiest piercings I have ever had.

Three months on and my piercing is starting to give me trouble. It was healing really well, only migrating out on one side a little in the first few weeks. Recently I caught it on a scarf and it became very angry and went a disturbing shade of purple. After a couple of weeks of anal cleaning and zinc the colour has gone back to normal but its migrated loads out of one side. I'm a bit worried but I love my nape and I'm going to stick with it and hopefully it'll settle back in.

This still hasn't put me off, I intend to get my nape done a second time just above my current one if it does indeed set back in. I also now want several other surface piercings including my wrist. Even though I believe that my nape and any other surface piercings that I get will grow out in a couple of years I'm still willing to get them done! I would defiantly recommend getting this done to anyone, I would however suggest getting dermal anchoring rather than a bar if you're worried about it migrating. It will however cost you twice the price and in my opinion doesn't look as good!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 16 June 2008
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Studio: Siva+-+aflecks+Palace
Location: Manchester

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