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A unique surface piercing-so amazing!

I was born into a fairly conservative family, so, naturally, piercing wasn't very accepted. Although my mom had her ears done, that was it. My few ear piercings were not well liked. My parents also didn't like my tragus, but they tolerated it, probably because it was small. So, when I got my navel at 18, I hid it. My mom called belly rings trashy, and low class. After a bit, I started to see surface piercings, in various locations, and I fell in love with them. I had to have some!

After looking at hundreds of pictures, none of the locations I saw suited me. Then it hit me; my belly! I adored my navel ring, and wanted to accent it. I decided I wanted 3, in a pyramid type of shape.

I read up on surface piercings for a couple of months. I learned about migration, rejection, and scarring. I also learned about the various kinds of jewelry, and decided on surface bars, which look like staples. At last, I made plans to go with a friend of mine, who was getting her belly button done.

We got there, and I said what I wanted. The clerk was a bit wary, since surface piercings are prone to rejection and other issues, but I told him I knew the risks. He spoke to the owner, a great guy, who agreed to do them for me. I picked out my metal, and they sterilized it. We went over the risks, just to be sure I was clear about what I was doing.

First he did my friends belly button. Although she was nervous, it went well. Then it was my turn. I was very nervous, so I was talking a lot. Mostly just silly stories.

He spent a long time making the dots, and measuring distances, but I'm glad he did. Finally, when we were both satisfied with the locations, he had me sit down, and I held my friend's hand. The first one (the top, and shortest one) was barely a pinch. I felt the jewelry go in, but it wasn't bad at all. I breathed a sigh of relief. Marc screwed on the jewelry tops, and I was hooked. The second one hurt, and the jewelry going in made me cringe. I was gritting my teeth through it, and it was definitely painful. After that I took a few deep breathes, before continuing with the third. The third one hurt SO bad! It's nearly an inch long, so I could feel it pushing through. My eyes watered and I left nail marks on my friends' hand. It was agony. I could feel the jewelry going through, but I was a bit out of it by then. When I was ready, I slowly sat up, and then I went to look in the mirror.

It was all worth it. Although a bit red, and bleeding a tiny bit, my surface piercings were beautiful. I was in love. He filled me in on aftercare, which was the same as for other piercings. He again warned me of the risks.

After that, he took a couple of pictures, which was fun. His apprentice commented on how he was happy to watch them, since they were something unique. He then asked me to come back in a week for a follow up. When I did come back, he took a few more pictures and said they were healing very well, and he asked me to keep him updated.

I got a wide variety of reactions. Some people thought they were cool, and some thought they were gross. People ask how they stay in, and want to feel the bars trough my skin! And of course, everyone asks if it hurt. I've had people come up to me in school and ask to see them, because their friend so-and-so saw them. Although some people did have negative reactions to them, it's my body. I think they are amazing. My boyfriend is a huge fan of them, which is a definite plus!

My mom ultimately found out about them when I was in the hospital, due to a serious horseback riding accident. This accident also caused a lot of trauma to the surface piercings. Shortly afterwards I noticed the top one was red and sensitive, and there was redness where the bar was. After sea salt soaks didn't help, we decided it was beginning to reject. Although I was very bummed, I decided to take it out. Once it totally heals I plan to get it redone. Although the accident hurt it, my body did react very well to the piercings, and the lower two are still intact.

Surface piercings are great, but be aware of the risks! They are prone to rejection, and need to be well taken care of. I do recommend them though, if your body has reacted well to other piercings, and you are prepared for possible rejection, scars, or any other outcome. Surface piercings are not necessarily temporary, as many people assume. It is all about the individual case. Feel free to email me if you have any questions, I'm always happy to share.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 16 June 2008
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Marc
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Location: massachusetts

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