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Gum Piercing

My gum piercing started being a bit of an obsession right after my septril piercing in mid November. Basically, I started becoming more and more obsessed with pushing my own limits and challenging my piercer's skills and daring... Luckily, The Becky, is easily the best my area has to offer. I have been pierced by her now for almost 3 years, and I count her among my most wonderful friends. I would give her my whole-hearted recommendations, so if any of you are in Moncton and looking for a piercing ... Check out Krystal Blade, on the corner of King and Main.

So, after my septril Becky and I started discussing "weird" piercings. This is when I pointed out the tooth im missing, from my old days playing hockey, and suggested doing a gum piercing there. As daring as she is, Miss. Becky seemed to be a little nervous for it. But she knows me well enough to know that I'm not the type to chicken out, and its a seriously awesome piece for her portfolio!!

Fast forward to a month or so later, and I'm just chilling in the shop on a lazy Saturday morning... Slowly, the topic comes to what I'm thinking about doing next. I didn't really have an answer, but I just popped out with "gum piercing" without even thinking. So, we made an appointment to do it just after my mum's birthday.

The appointment came so fast !! It was like "BOOM" and next thing I know I'm there with my boyfriend at the time, Lynn, and Chuck. Becky was amazingly calm. We had like 2 hours slotted, so we had lots of time. She took some measurements of the area and we chatted about the jewelry we were gunna put in it. We ended up going for a 14g stainless steel labret post. with a 5mm bead. It was that or a 14g piece of tygon with a 2mm bead. In hindsight, the tygon would have been better. After we settled on the jewelry, we talked about needles. We decided to use a 12 needle, with no pusher. At first we were going to use one, but Becky was scared the needle would slip (I forget why, but she had a reason....).

On to the piercing. So, im laying on the table .... Becky is on my right side, along with Miss. Lynn, and Im terrified. Becky finally asks if I'm ready, and I say "as ready as Ill ever be.". She has me take the usual deep breath in, and as I exhale she pushes the needle. I'm expecting mind numbing, explosive pain. But no, its more like ... A pin prick. Becky is pushing and pushing, she gets through the outer layer no problem. But after that, its like she has hit a wall and is literally twisting this needle in my gums. Every time she turns that needle, it was like my face was exploding .... It felt like I was being torn apart, but as long as she was just pushing there was little to no pain.

She was able to get the needle so that it was almost breaking through the tissue in the back, but no matter how hard she pushed the needle wouldn't budge any further. So, she asked me if she could try to put a taper in through the back and then insert the jewelry from there. I said that at that point, I didn't care. SO she goes and gets a taper, and we spend an impossibly long time with this taper on one side and the needle on the other!! I was just laying there, not really bothered at all by it (poor Lynn looked like she was going to vomit all over the place and Chuck was no where to be seen) as long as Becky gave me lots of breaks to swallow the spit and blood that was in my mouth.

Once she gets the needle out of my mouth, the whole thing went much easier. Becky pushed the needle out, put the jewelry into the taper, shoved the taper out, and put the bead on my labret post (whole thing took 20 minutes). After that, I sit up and Chuck reenters the room ... and apparently, he had been in the lobby telling a couple of girls about the "crazy chick getting her GUMS pierced!!". For a tattoo artist, he sure is squeamish!!

The gum piercing was really kewl and fun. Right up until I tried to eat !!! It felt like I had a really loose tooth. After that, I couldn't leave it alone. I was always taking my tongue and playing with it .... Pretty soon, it was aching all the time and it just looked like hell. I took it out.

All in all, I'm glad I did it. But I just don't think gums are meant to be pierced.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 05 June 2008
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: The+Becky
Studio: Krystal+Blade
Location: Moncton%2C+NB%2C+Canada

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