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Nape surface piercing

So about 4 hours ago, I dragged my friends along with me to come and get my nape pierced. I had to wait for about a week because I only wanted it done at Exotic, they are the best in Perth for aftercare and they make me laugh (they are also quite relaxed about ages), but they were fully booked out and other times didn't suit us. My friend wanted her webbing done at the same time, but I had to go first as the Jenette the piercer had set everything up for my piercing already. First of all she had me choose the jewellery, I decided to choose a smaller sized 4ml instead of 5, because I think it looks nicer and I need to hide it from my school. Next she wanted to have a talk with me first, to see whether I was comfortable with the whole procedure, whether there was anything she needed to know, showed me the utensils she would be using and so on. Finally, we got started on the piercing. She asked me to stand up straight looking forward as she marked out on my neck where I wanted to place the piercing. Actually I'm a little annoyed that I didn't get many options as far as placing goes, but that would be my fault as my hairline is quite low and anywhere else would be just ugly. I love the placement anyway so I'm not too bothered now, and I'm glad that I trusted my piercer. After that I had to sit upright in a chair as she raised it up closer to her, it's sort of like a dentist's chair I'd say. She then proceeded to massage my neck quite vigorously, no idea what that was for, maybe to prepare me for the pain. She told me that the massage would perhaps hurt more than the piercing, (which was a LIE haha) but anyway, then she talked to me for a while, taught me how to relax my breathing etc.

Straight after that she went to clamp my neck, which I would say felt like my neck getting really tight. I wouldn't say this part was pain, as much as really really uncomfortable. The worst thing is that I could see straight ahead into a mirror, but the good thing is I brought my friends to take my mind off the piercing.

So after the clamping, which initially I THOUGHT was the piercing, suddenly I felt something sharp enter the back of my neck from the right. I swore to myself as it was puncturing through the skin, I thought the pain was going to be really bad. Surprisingly, the pain wasn't too bad and didn't end up lasting too long, maximum maybe 4-5 seconds of pain. I won't lie and say it didn't hurt, but I can't even remember the pain now, so it wasn't INCREDIBLY bad. I think it's only the length of the pain that might make it slightly different from other piercings.

Once the hole was pierced and the needle was out, it felt a little better, and Jenette let me rest for a couple of seconds before she inserted the jewellery. I barely felt her putting the jewellery through the hole, and then she just had to screw the ball on the other end and it was done. After the whole piercing process, she took a while, which is good, to clean up the minimal amount of blood and clot it so that it didn't look disgusting as I was walking around the city. No dressing or patches or gauze or anything was put on it, which goes to show just how little it bled.

I could walk around absolutely fine afterwards, no pain at all, and also slept fine (but I generally sleep without a pillow anyway, so that might have made it easier).

Now that it's been a few days (2 to be exact) after my piercing, it's going fantastic and I love it so much. Still no pain or discomfort, aftercare is fairly simple, just soak a wet paper towel in saline/salt water and hold it over the piercing for 5-10mins two times everyday. I'm being quite careful about aftercare, as you should always be I guess, because I would hate for it to get infected and ugly. Shampoo, for the girls, is fine, as long as you rinse it off with saline after the shower just to be safe. One method I found for the hair is to tip your head forward as you shampoo it, hopefully that will minimise the amount of shampoo to get into your piercing.

For only 70$ AUD, I fully recommend this piercing. It's a really tasteful and nice piercing, from my point of view, and even for people like me who arn't really hardcore (I only have my tragus and navel), the aftercare couldn't be simpler, and it looks unusual and hot!

If any of you are thinking of getting this piercing, I say go for it. It's exhilarating and pain wise it would be only max. 5 seconds of pain. And come on, honestly, what's 5 seconds of pain when you could have an amazing piercing for a long while to come?


submitted by: Winax
on: 29 May 2008
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Jenette
Studio: Exotic+Body+Piercing%2C+Northbridge
Location: Northbridge%2C+Perth%2C+W.A.

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