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My Surface Tragus

I had been wanting to get this piercing for a very long time now - ever since I first saw pictures on this website - I was just waiting for the right time. I knew that I would get it at one point but I wanted to make sure that I got it done by the right person. I've heard of people having bad experiences with their surface tragus' and I didn't want to have to go through all that just for a piercing. I wanted to go to Epidart (another tattoo and piercing place in Moncton) but that didn't work out for various reasons and I'm not sure that they do surface piercings.

Anyway, my friend called me up a few evenings ago and told me she was going to get a tattoo at Krystal Blade and asked me if I wanted to come along. I figured this would be a great opportunity to look into getting my surface tragus so I agreed. I got there with her yesterday afternoon and immediately asked becky about the piercing I wanted. At first I was a little hesitant about getting my piercing at Krystal Blade because I had one other piercing done there (a tragus) about two years ago and it took forever to heal but I figured I would give them another chance.

Becky told me that she had done 4 or 5 surface tragus' in the past year or so - not that many because it isn't really a popular piercing. she said that she really enjoys doing surface piercings though and she sounded very comfortable in the field.

After we went back into the room she cleaned and marked my ear. She let me change the placement of the marks a couple times which was good because the piercing ended up exactly where I wanted it.

When everything was ready, I laid down, took a deep breath and she did her business. Realistically speaking it was a little painful but I have experienced much worse when it comes to piercings (my industrial and tragus were both painful). She put the jewelry in (a curved barbel - I wasen't sure about a curved barbel because I had heard that surface barbels were better but she said the piercing would have had to of been much larger to use a surface barbel and I didn't want it any bigger than it was.) The jewelry was a little larger to allow for proper healing and she told me I could go back in 4 to 6 weeks, depending on how and when it heals to get smaller jewelry.

It was done! I got up and looked in the mirror and I love(d) it! it looks exactly the way I wanted it to and I am overall very pleased.

I expected the piercing to be sensitive or hurt in the days to come but besides the first 15 to 20 minutes, the piercing hasn't hurt in the least. I have been cleaning it twice a day (becky told me that is a misconception that a piercing must be cleaned A LOT but over-cleaning is not good and 2 times a day is plenty).

Now it's day two and I'm still happy with it - I was even able to sleep on the side of my piercing which I was surprised about.

I know that there is a higher risk of rejection when it comes to surface piercings - I was asking Becky about this and I have had a very good response to all my other piercings so she figures that everything will heal alright in time. I'll go back to see her in another month or so and see where I stand then. I really want to get to the point where I can put smaller jewelry in it because it does look a little oversized now. I barbel with smaller balls on the end would look much nicer - but it still looks really great now.

I'm very happy that I followed through on my gut instinct and got this piercing and I hope that everything goes well in the healing process because it is going to be a shame to have to take it out in the end! I'll definitely report back in a months time to let everyone know how it has healed.

Oh! and my friends tattoo turned out amazingly. It was done by Natalie and KBS and it looks really good. Natalie is really talented and I love all of her tattoos. I didn't think that the tattoo artists were all that great at KBS but now I know different. She was telling me about the first tattoo she ever had - she did it herself when she was 10! talk about experience - skipping school, and tattooing yourself in a park with a needle and indian ink.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 29 May 2008
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Becky
Studio: Krystal+Blade+Tattoo+Studio
Location: Moncton%2C+New+Brunswick

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