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My Ankle Surface Piercing Experience

This past Saturday morning (5/10/08), I woke up without a plan. After calling a friend up and confirming a like issue of being planless, we decided to head to Myrtle Beach on a whim. During the drive, I decided I'd get a piercing since it had been some number of months since my last. I'm the type of lame person that tries to make sure every body modification I do is something I've never seen before. After spending some time evaluating every pinch and fold of skin on my body, I decided I'd get my ankles pierced diagonally-inward, right by that big ankle bone on the outside. This would be on the outside about an inch away from my Achilles tendon. Worried that I wouldn't have enough comfortable skin there to pierce, I continued to evaluate it all the way to Myrtle Beach. Unfortunately, there is some law stating that there can be no piercing/tattoo shops on the strip there (I don't know much about this so I apologize if I'm somehow wrong), and that's probably better considering I don't know how much I'd trust them. In the end, I was glad to have found nothing in Myrtle Beach. That's just where the story starts.

After arriving home, I had pushed the idea to the back of my mind. Yesterday, I resurfaced my design and got very excited about it as I knew a shop locally that I trust. So, after a grueling day at work (in a place that would flip to see ankle piercings), I made my way to the shop. Holly at American Standard in Charleston, SC is a piercer that I trust. Sadly, she wasn't available, but Alicia was openly excited when I asked her if my idea was possible and eager to get to perform it. I chose to use PTFEs for fear that they would possibly be rejected. Alicia put them in the autoclave and asked me come back in 45 minutes to an hour. After spending some money and buying three packs of tic tacs at a nearby mall, I went back on time, excited to have my new addition to my skin. Alicia called her apprentice to come watch knowing that he'd love to see this. I was so happy to find that they were as excited as I was. Alicia geared up, Jara (apprentice) showed up and we were ready to go.

I was marked up, cleaned up, and toughened up. The skin was very tight in the area and was difficult to put into forceps on the markings but eventually done. Since I started piercing myself when I was ten with household needles and such, I completely trusted her and knew that she probably couldn't do anything worse to me than I had already done to myself. In my defense, nothing turned out bad or got infected. I digress. The needle going through felt like the typical, initial pinch of any piercing and wasn't bad at all. It's the kind of quick pain that makes you open your eyes a little wider for a split second or the kind that makes you hold back so you can look cool and invincible. I did a little of both. She corked the end, slid the PTFE through, and attempted to screw the ball on. This was probably an 8 minute battle. It wasn't painful at all but I wouldn't have minded the light tugging and frustration to have ended sooner. There it was: beautiful number one. After a little tug and adjustment, it fit perfectly and my two clear, hopefully work-safe balls were perfectly set. Off to number two!

This one was more painful and the skin was even tighter somehow. I think this one was just a tad further from the bone and the skin was stretched over a little valley arch. After another struggle clamping forceps and matching dots, she pushed the needle through with a little longer of a pitch than the first. This time, the passing of the PTFE actually felt pretty cool and didn't hurt even remotely. With the help of Jara, the ball was again screwed on, and I was done. Incredibly excited about my new ankle piercings, I hopped up to check the mirror. "Cute and totally badass," I thought. Alicia took some pictures, told me I made her day and then I was on my way. Sixty dollars plus a little creativity and I'm all around a happier person. Sometimes, it just takes doing something spontaneous for yourself, with a few holes to remind you, to just feel better in general. So, because I suck and want to be the only one with these, don't get them. However, if you decide to copy, then good luck and I hope yours are crooked. Joking!

The aftermath: So far, sleeping was great, showering was fine and moving my ankles causes no problems. I can always feel them though; even when I'm just sitting still. I'm currently at work and no one has noticed yet. I plan on keeping the clear balls in during work hours and switching to, possibly, a curved barbell after they heal. I'm still worried about rejection but they seem to be happy and my skin has already given a bit since yesterday. Wish me luck and happy healing!



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 29 May 2008
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Alicia
Studio: American+Standard
Location: Charleston%2C+SC

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