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Madison (chest) Piercing

I JUST got home from the piercing studio! I spontaneously decided to get pierced today. I've been doing a lot of research on surface piercings, and alternatives. I had some questions before I went through with it, so I wasn't sure if I would really do it today, or just get some info. I was kind of worried that the piercing would get squished by my boobs when I lie on my side, and rejection. I'd given some thought to the techniques used, but decided that a regular surface piercing was a chance I was willing to take. Ron's shop is fantastic. I have had all of my piercings done there. They always have great employee's and service, and pretty much every time I've been in one of the owners (Kat or Ron) are there.

Right when I walked in, Kat greeted me. There was quite a few people in there, so there was a bit of a wait. I was actually pretty glad, because I needed some think time. While I was waiting for Kat to get a moment to answer some questions, I noticed that there was a woman with the piercing that I wanted to get (horizontal chest surface piercing). It looked great, completely healed and beautiful. I asked her about her experience. She said that she highly recommends getting it, but that it takes a lot of patience, and that it was extremely painful afterwards. The healing time is very long, and it goes through a pretty gross looking stage. Plus, the obvious risks of surface piercings rejecting. She's had hers for 2 years. It eased some of my nerves to see her there, quite the sign/coincidence. Kat also has the piercing, so she came over to speak with me and mainly said the same things as the other girl, except Kat said it hardly hurt. I asked Kat about rejection rates. She used some theoretical numbers to give me an idea. She said that in comparison to the average "regular" piercing, if they have a 90% success (in theory), that the Madison would probably be around 70%. She said that they usually go wrong when people don't care for them properly. Be it playing with it, or when it goes through the "gross" phase over cleaning it, using harsh things like alcohol or peroxide. I felt a bit apprehensive, but decided to go ahead and go through with it. I never get nervous for piercings, but this one was so different, so it was kind of a big deal.

I had to wait a little bit for the ladies to set up everything. Then we all went in. Kat had what I assume was an apprentice. She knew what she was doing though, Kat just sort of supervised. I got my tongue done as well, which is no biggie. Kat did my tongue, and then the other girl started prepping for my Madison. At this point my nerves started racing. I can hardly explain what it felt like. She started marking me, and I got so dizzy. I have a very high tolerance for pain, and I wasn't afraid of getting it done. My body just kind of freaked out. I got this ringing in my ears and it felt like my head was swelling. My vision got kinda blurry, like everything was fuzzy around the edges. I felt like I was on acid or something. I almost wanted to back out, but I knew that was foolish and that I would end up doing it eventually. Kat got me some water, and tried to help me relax. I told the girl to just go ahead and do it, that I wouldn't freak out or anything, but my head was just going to spin and that was the way it would be. ;] Maybe it was due to the distraction from my floaty feeling, but I hardly even noticed she was piercing me. Clamps were a bit uncomfortable, as usual. But no more uncomfortable than pinching the flesh on your chest. The needle was kind of relieving, slightest pinch...just quick and sharp. I didn't even feel the transition to the jewelry. Putting the jewelry in my tongue hurt worse. I still felt dizzy, but so happy that I did it, and quite proud. It looks great. It's been about an hour and a half and it's not even red, I can't feel it at all. My tongue is sore though. I still feel funky. Kinda dizzy and loopy. I am very very glad that I went through with it.

After I left the shop, I went to WalMart. The woman that had the chest piercing in the shop like chased me down. It was so ironic and hilarious. She checked it out, said it looked really good. She was surprised by the lack of redness/swelling. At the check out the cashier made a comment on it. I love love love it, and I would really recommend it, it's a different experience. I pray that it will stay with me for a very long time! :]


submitted by: Felicitous
on: 29 May 2008
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Kat+%26+Apprentice
Studio: Ron%27s+Piercing+Experience
Location: Brunswick%2C+ME

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