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Nape Piercing

Getting your nape, or any surface piercing for that matter, pierced with PTFE and not a titanium surface bar is a very stupid idea and I do not advise this at all

This surface piercing was a bit spur of the moment really; I was only there to get my two short bars taken out and the long bar put in my scaffold! This was done at Harlow Piercing Studio in Essex – Not recommended.

After asking about prices and how much it would cost (25 pound, 20 with my discount card) I went over to the cash point over the road to get some cash out and then came back 2 minutes later and filled out the consent form. By this point they had stopped asking me for ID, so that saved some time.

I was utterly determined to get my nape done with a proper titanium surface bar, no PTFE. Those were the two options they offered. Somehow Dan (the piercer) ended up persuading me to get it done with a piece of PTFE. Some of the reasons he gave were – sometimes the bars can stick out too much, it doesn't move with your skin and it is normally always very painful if and/or when it is removed.

So, on with the actual piercing now. I went into the back room they use for piercings, took off my necklace and was given a clip to pin my hair up with. Marking up didn't take long, maybe a couple of minutes. I couldn't actually see it as, being just 5ft; the mirror was too high up for me to check the placement. We tried balancing me on a chair (it had wheels so didn't work very well) so I'd be higher up and that failed. So in the end we decided to just use my mobile phone to take a picture of it, it seemed fine but we went out in the waiting room to ask a few people for opinions anyway. By now I got the feeling that it was marked up pretty well.

I sat on the spinning chair whilst Dan stood behind, pinched some skin and put the clamps on. This is yet another part of the piercing that was done wrong – surface piercings should be done freehand or via the punch and taper method to avoid rejection. Now he puts the needle through. This was one of my least painful piercings, it just felt like an injection that lasts a second longer than normal. I can't say I felt him put the PTFE in either, considering the piercing was rubbish it was a very simple procedure.

Some more photos were taken on my phone so I could see my new metal and some were taken on his phone for his portfolio – odd that he has it on his phone really! The usual aftercare of SSS, Sea Salt Soaks, was run by me then I had a cover put over the new piercing to stop my hair getting caught in it. This turned out to be a bad idea as my hair just got stuck in the tape instead of the piercing and was very painful to pull off. Some more photos were taken, with a proper camera this time, as they wanted photos of piercings done there to stick around the studio after they decorated.

I went back a few days later to see if I could have it changed to a surface bar in an attempt to save it but they didn't have the exact size bar in so it would have done more harm than good.

I was very aware that it was red and crusty and went in to have it looked at several times to be told to leave it alone and that it was just fine. The only benefit was, as it was PTFE, I could sleep on it right away as it moved with my skin.

In the end, after being told to by several people, I took out the bar myself as it was just scabby, red and sore. Clearly it just wasn't going to heal. It came out fine and I had no problems after that. Initially there was a lot of scarring there, but it has faded considerably in the months that I have had it out. I won't be going back to Harlow Piercing Studio again and wouldn't if you paid me as they have rubbished my scaffold and medusa too. (I take responsibility for not learning my lesson when they cocked up the first piercing and then going back again, twice!)

I don't feel the need to get it re-pierced now, I don't miss having it as it was a bad experience anyway, plus I have pretty long hair so you couldn't see it anyway.

That was one lesson learnt!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 09 May 2008
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Dan
Studio: Harlow+Piercing+Studio
Location: Essex

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