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My new piece of metal

I have a number of piercings, mostly in my right ear (I seemed to get stuck on that ear a few years back and next thing I knew it was peppered with various bits of metal).The number I have is 13, incidentally, I had to quickly count them just now. I have been looking for a new piercing for ages, and as I am fairly picky I took my time deciding. I wanted something that would not be too scary (because despite all the other piercings I have, I am still a wimp deep down), and also would not be too much of a pain to get used to (because I like to get a good nights sleep) but also something that would be somewhat original and attractive. I have recently stretched my left ear to 3mm with no adverse affects, but I didn't want to just stick something else in my ear as it seemed like I had been there and done that too much already.

I have always been fascinated with piercings but have no tattoos or other mods - not to say I don't want them but as I said before, I am quite picky and take my time deciding (which is a good thing - an irrational decision often leads to a situation where you are not 100% happy). Having said that, my latest piercing was a fairly 'spur of the moment' decision! I wanted a lip labret so very badly; until a friend of mine pointed out that they were so common these days and not just a little bit 'emo'. Good god, please no. I also have problems with not being able to kiss my other half for extended periods of time. So, after talking it out over a couple of drinks I left the pub I had entered, once so sure of my lip piercing, now completely against it!

I trawled BME for ages looking for something else, and every time I would see something beautiful I would try to picture it on/in me and realise that it was just not right. My friend, the same one who was so against the lip piercing, was ultimately unhelpful helping me to decide what to get instead. His suggestions of pancreatic piercings and bars stuck through my neck like lurch, while funny, were not what I was looking for. I was stumped. Then one day I woke up and had it - a nape piercing. It was sexy, it was easily cared for, it was perfect. Of course, given the sick sense of irony of the universe in general, by the time I made it to the studio it was closed but I managed to make it back there a few days later. The anticipation of having missed it the first time only made me want it more, so by the time I got up to the front desk I was out of breath and flapping about. But the lady that helped me was lovely. After just a minute I was sitting on the chair.

Now, with my other piercings, I usually take time to check that the marks are perfect before we go ahead. For the first time with my nape, that was impossible as even with a hand mirror, the perspective was weird and so I had to trust my piercer and my boyfriend to make sure it was straight. Now that it is done, I can feel that it is straight because if I put both hands behind my head and feel it they are both at exactly the same level. Anyway, as usual the clamp was horrible, but the sensation as the needle went through my skin was actually quite nice after all the anticipation. As it was quite a long bar I had the added bonus of feeling my skin move along the bar when the clamp was removed, which was different to anything I have felt before. Having the jewellery pulled through was awful, it really pinched a lot, but as soon as it was done it felt like nothing had happened.

It is now a few days later and my neck feels as though it is slightly tense, as though I have pulled a muscle. I only really notice a nagging pain when I lie down, and even then its nothing exceptional. I am lucky in that I work in a laboratory and can get my hands on chemical grade salt and distilled water, which I am using to clean it twice a day. Others I have spoken to said a bit of anti-bacterial soap (Look for Triclosan in the ingredients, its an anti-bacterial - a lot of soaps say they are anti-bacterial but actually aren't!) in the shower works fine too. The swelling is a bit disturbing but otherwise, it looks fantastic. I am happy as a pig in muck and am now making plans for my next project, although that will probably take me a little longer to decide on than this one did!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 09 May 2008
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Studio: Wildfire+Piercing
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