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my gorgeous hip piercings =]

Ever since I got my snakebites (which I did myself), I thought about getting something more. But being only 17, my options were really limited. My Mom wouldn't sign for a tattoo, and anymore facial piercings were out of the question.

One day, I was just looking around the internet at pictures of surface piercings, when I saw them. Hip surface piercings. I thought they were the most gorgeous thing that I had ever seen, and at that moment I knew that I needed to have them no matter what. I talked to my biological dad about it (im adopted), and he agreed that he would pay to have them done, so I could show them off when we went on vacation to Florida over spring break.

Needless to say, this made me very happy, but there was still one problem. He would only allow me to get them if my mom said it was okay. I spent days and days trying to convince her, and finally she gave in, after I promised her that if she let me get them, I would stop bothering about the tattoos that I wanted.

My dad decided to take me to a place in New Hampshire that he always went to. Living in Connecticut, it sounded like a fun trip. So me, my half sister, my brother, my boyfriend and my dad all got together to take a road trip to get my surface piercings.

We drove the two hours to New Hampshire, and when we got to the piercing studio, we discovered that they had recently closed. This was a huge disappointment, but there were other piercing studios in the area, so we decided to go look around there. We went to a few different studios, but they didn't do surface piercing. Finally, we went to a place called The Lion's Den, and the lady there told us that she didn't do surface piercings, but her partner studio, The Purple Scorpion in Massachusetts, did.

We decided to go all the way down to Mass, since i really wanted the piercings. I was nervous the entire time, fearing that when I got there, some guy that didn't know what he was doing would try to use a curved or straight barbell to pierce me, or some other method that would most definitely cause rejection. I had done a lot of research, so I knew that the best thing for surface piercings was 90 degree surface bars.

Anyways, we arrived at The Purple Scorpion. I met Leo, the piercer. Everything was going great, until it was time to fill out all the necessary paperwork. Even though my dad was there to sign for me, because a surface piercing has such a high risk of rejection and is very difficult to take care of, Leo did not know if the shop owner would authorize the piercing. He gave the owner a call, and told him that we had even been to New Hampshire in an attempt to get the piercing. The owner gave the OK (phew!) and we were ready to go.

Leo put everything in the autoclave to sterilize it, and began to draw out the places where the piercings would go, which took a while, because we wanted to make sure that they would be perfectly even. I had to get them up a little higher than I originally planned; because having a small frame, I didn't have enough skin to pierce through without the piercing being quickly rejected. I still loved the placement; and even now, I'm really glad that I got them where I did because they don't get snagged on my clothing.

He explained the aftercare procedure, and how to minimize the chances of the formation of scar tissue bumps, and how to prevent the biggest trouble of all with surface piercings; rejection. Leo told me that the best thing to do for my piercing would be to keep it moist using a solution of water and sea salt. I asked about the pain, and he said that if I could handle piercing my lip twice, my ears and my cartilidge myself, I could easily handle the pain of a surface piercing.

After everything was out of the autoclave and ready to go, I got in the chair and tried to calm my nerves. He told me to take a deep breath whenever I was ready, and when I let it out, he would pierce me.

Instead of dragging it out, I took a deep breath, let it out, and felt the needle go in and out of my skin. Another deep breath, and the jewelery was inserted. It was much quicker than I expected, probably because Leo was so experienced. I was really glad that he was skilled enough to be able to do the piercings freehand; because I've heard that clamps really hurt. The other side was next, and strangely, it hurt more than the previous side. On a scale of 1-10, the pain was about a 6; nothing too bad.

I looked in the mirror after they were done; and I loved them! He told me that if I had any questions at all, to just come back to the store, or send him an email.

I've had them for over a month, and they're healing very well. The sea salt tip worked really well, and it got rid of all the redness. Although I'm sure it will reject at sometime, as almost all surface piercings do, it doesn't look like its going to happen any time soon. I take pictures of them all the time, so I'll always be able to remember them.

Sure there's been a few mishaps since I got them; getting one stuck on a laundry basket and getting the other one pulled on when I was picking up my little brother, but they were totally worth everything I went through to get them. If they do reject, I've been thinking about getting dermal anchors put in where they used to be. But hopefully, that won't be for a while.

To anyone who is considering getting these piercings; I highly recommend it; just make sure that you have a very experienced body piercer. If I do get any more surface piercings, I'll be sure to go back to The Purple Scorpion and see Leo. =]

Oh, and I still haven't stopped bothering my mom about the tattoo


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 09 May 2008
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Leo
Studio: purple+scorpion
Location: salem%2C+massachusetts

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