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My Microdermal

First of all, the microdermal idea was introduced to me by Mike after I had gone in and complained about my surface bar on my sternum that was done at another studio. It was done terribly. I had another piercer take it out as she told me it was already migrating. I had three scars, two from the bar and one from the clamp. I was pretty upset that I no longer had the pretty jewellery where I wanted it. This is where the idea of the microdermal comes in. I had looked on BME at a lot of microdermals before, not really knowing what they were. I loved the look at them but was worried about the procedure.

I went to Perfect Image to get a tattoo with my friend and took advantage of the waiting time to quiz Mike about getting a new surface bar. He told me that it wasn't a good idea, just because of the nature of the area and my past experience. He then told me about microdermals. He was very knowledgeable even though he had only done one on another piercer. He didn't want to do one on me since he didn't have enough experience but we talked more about it and decided that I should come back later when he's done more and get one.

Well, three weeks go by and I decide that this is exactly what I want. I want it to sit right where the top scar from the original bar is. So I went back to convince Mike that I really want this and thought it through and all that good stuff. He still had only done one, and wasn't having many volunteers it seemed. So, I volunteered. The other girls' he had done was three weeks old already and looked perfect. She said that there were no problems with it and that she loved it. And with that, I paid for the jewellery and signed my life away. They made sure to tell me over and over that this is pretty permanent, it can be removed BUT not by yourself and it's a more difficult procedure than a simple piercing. Mike warned me that it might hurt more and that it takes longer to do than any other piercing.

Since this is new for the piercers there, they all wanted to watch and that was fine with me. It took a while to get the placement correct. I wanted it right on top of the scar but as it turns out the scar was a bit crooked, so it took a little while longer but I had 4 pairs of eyes to make sure that everything was just perfect.

After everything was aligned perfectly, I laid down and prepared myself for the worst. Mike used a dermal punch, and it really was much less painful than I could ever imagine. I think he was a bit nervous with me playing guinea pig and he really wanted to get it right. It took a while to make the proper pocket with the needle and get the jewellery placed properly but I was never in any pain or uncomfortable. He had put the dermal in with the healing cap on, but decided that the area would not swell enough and that I could get away with putting a disk on. Since it didn't swell with the previous piercing I wasn't too concerned and thought that the flat disk would be much easier to sleep with and move with than the tiny healing cap.

He bandaged me up and told me to keep it bandaged tightly when I slept for the next couple of days and that there might be slight bleeding. It's been a week so far, there has been no swelling, bleeding, irritation or infection. It is relatively easy to take care of, I wash the area in the shower with mild soap and use after-piercing swabs to clean it before bed. I do make sure to check it often and make sure that it's not getting caught on anything and that it is healing well.

I love my microdermal. I think it's one of the best things I've done to by body thus far. I would recommend it to anyone, however, you need to know that it is "permanent" and the scar that I will have if I ever have to remove it is definitely permanent. But it is worth it!!!! People love it and love asking about it, it's definitely something new and I'm glad that I have one.

I would love to get more and eventually, I would like to have three running down my sternum, but I want to do one at a time to make sure that the placement is perfect and that by body can heal properly in between each one. Mike was excellent, and he'll definitely be doing my next ones when I'm ready to get them!!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 May 2008
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Mike
Studio: Perfect+Image
Location: London%2C+Ontario%2C+Canada

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