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Nape Microdermals!

I had just got my nipples pierced a few months ago on a trip back home to California. After my amazing experience with getting my nipples pierced I was ready to get something a little bit different done that people could see... the only problem was I work as a substitute teacher and they don't allow most piercings except 2 on each ear so it had to be something I could hide easily if needed. I was use to having to wear hiders every work day for my 7/16 gauged ears. I wanted something that was unusual so I searched around BME for a while and came across the Nape section I loved the placement but didn't like the way the balls stick out. I however loved the way it looked with microdermals!

I was soo excited so I started to do some research on what microdermals intail. After doing all the research I was confident that this was what I wanted. I found out about Shea at Cat Tattoo in Addison I called and talked to her for a while. I could tell she knew what she was doing and she made sure that microdermals was what I really wanted. She informed me that it would be a longer procedure then a regular piercing but it wouldn't be anymore painful.

So I came down to the shop and one of the apprentices asked me if she could watch I said sure I mean it didn't really matter to me. I laid down on the table after she had marked me a few times and made sure it was right. Then she started making the hole to stick the 1st anchor in it didn't really hurt at all not nearly as my other piercings. After she had made the hole she pushed in the anchor which took a little bit of pushing but it just felt like a little pinch and then a little pop which is weird but it didn't hurt in fact I didn't even flinch at all throughout the whole procedure. The second anchor pretty much went the same way but bled a bit more even though she didn't have to do as much to it. But after going home and to starbucks with a friend I could feel and my friend could see that the second micro was a little bit more raised then the other one. So I called Shea and went back to the studio she said it was fine that sometimes they do that but that it would most likely still heal fine. She pushed it in a little bit a few times more as far as it would go until she said that was it and couldn't push it anymore.

Im still on my first day but they feel fine right now pretty much like nothing happened at all im keeping my hair up in a pony tail so that I don't get any hair stuck in there. Im also going to try not to sleep on it. Hopefully they don't come out in my sleep!

I have tried to put gauze over them but the tape doesn't seem to stick very readily plus Shea says that its much better for them to get air so that they will heal faster. I am going to try not to sleep on them or aggravate them at all for the first couple weeks which will hopefully help them heal and not pop out.

Overall I think microdermals are a new technology which can be good and bad. Good because they look amazing, you can do all sorts of neat different things with them and they will get you lots of what's that? looks. Bad because they are a new technology and people don't always practice the best techniques for inserting them.

I love my microdermals and I am definitely going to get more and if these ones end up not working out (hopefully they will) I will definitely have them put in again. Once I get a job that supports free expression and body modification I hope to get some more on my face too.

I would recommend micro's to anyone who wants something unusual that will make people stop and stare. I would also recommend getting them done at Cat Tattoo in Addison because Shea is a wonderful person and piercer she knows what she's doing. Definitely go to someone who knows what their doing when getting a procedure done like this because it is something that takes a lot of skill and not just any piercer can do this. If fact when I tried to talk to a lot of piercing places around me to see what they knew about micro's they didn't even know what I was talking about which sort of stunned me. But do your research like I did go to a reputable and knowledgeable piercer and enjoy the experience of having something unusual put into your body.


submitted by: Briggitte
on: 24 April 2008
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Shea
Studio: Cat+Tattoo
Location: Addison%2C+Texas

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