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God Bless The Ankle!

I always loved the idea of piercing myself.. It gives it a more personal touch and allows you to do it just how you want it.. so long as you do it safely :) And you can also brag to your friends who don't do that stuff (yes I'm still a school kid :P). It's always nice to have a story behind a piercing.

Until now I had only pierced my ear lobes myself and I was thinking of other places to pierce. As I wasn't very experienced and don't have any other piercings I didn't want to try piercing my tongue or nose or something that could go horribly wrong. Although I want to get my lingual frenulum pierced, however I think I will get that done professionally seeing as it's pretty awkward to pierce and it could go really wrong if it was pierced at the wrong angle or got infected or something. I'd considered doing a surface piercing, except I don't have all the required body jewelry and piercing equipment to do it properly. Nevertheless the ankle piercing seemed the best option.

I was browsing the internet and found some pictures of anti eyebrow piercings, wrist piercings, many other variations of surface piercings, then I found an ankle piercing. I thought it was really quirky since there were so many different places you could pierce it and it looked good and easy to hide (my parents are pierce-a-phobic.) I quickly looked up some storys on BMEzine and it all sounded quite simple, although most said it was a temporary piercing which suited me.

I'll admit this bit was done very un-professionally but it seems to have worked. I got 2 clothes pegs, a thick enough safety pin and some sterilizing swabs and went up to my room. Turned on the radio to calm the nerves, then marked on my ankle with a pen where I wanted the needle to go in and come out. I had spent some time pinching skin etc to figure out the best placement for it as I didn't want it to be too near a joint or make walking painful or anything. I decided on the outside of my ankle, next to the bone on that little fleshy bit. I swabbed my ankle and my hands (I'm really paranoid about infection) and had just had a shower so my skin was pretty clean. I cleaned all my 'equipment' including the pegs, clamped the skin with the pegs and proceeded to push the pin through. I wasn't sure what happened at first, but whatever you do don't take the pin out halfway through piercing as you will have to try put it back in and can mess up the positioning of the piercing. It took quite a bit of effort to get the pin through but barely hurt, although it made a little satisfying popping noise as it came through the other side. I was pretty relieved it had worked and I hadn't chickened out. I'd angled it quite well and it had come out right on the point I marked and wasn't too shallow or deep or anything.

Then I was stuck on what to put in it. I'd already removed the clamps so it would have been difficult to put something else in, I tried bending a normal needle a little bit but it seemed at bit dodgy and I wasn't sure I'd get it through. I considered an earring but the posts were too short to fit and they aren't the proper shape.

So thats where I am now :) I still have the safety pin in.. I might find something else to put in it later as obviously safety pins aren't the safest things and they aren't very pretty. I'm not sure if I should wait until it's healed a bit before I put something else in or if I should put something in sooner? If anyone knows please contact me! I don't expect the piercing to last that long as it will most likely reject over time but it doesn't bother me. We'll see how the after care goes. All in all I really like it!

I would recommend this piercing, however if you are going to do it yourself it would be better to have the proper equipment (and jewelry) before you start. Also it's relatively painless so long as you don't chicken out at the first twinge. Oh and make sure you choose a good position so it doesn't interfere with shoes or walking or anything. The ankle is a really good place to self pierce as it isn't too painful and its relatively safe, so long as you pierce it in a good place.

I'm considering getting it done professionally now as I like it so much :)

Good luck!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 24 April 2008
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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