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"Uhh...can I go to the bathroom?

So, there I was bored out of my wits because my geometry teacher could put even the hyper est of people to sleep in a heartbeat ... But First I would like to clue you all in on my situation. ONE: My (really really tattooed) parents do not believe in putting holes in ones body, so I had to get it somewhere unnoticeable. TWO: Would never, I mean NEVER, allow me to get a piercing if they have to sign for it. and THREE: My school is the best place to do it at (it is where I have the most freedom). Now that that is over here we go.

I arrive at school and my awesome friend gives me a sterilized needle and bar. I figured I would do it after choir and before drama, BUT I was sitting in my third period block geometry class and I was bored out of my mind. So I decided "hm I sit at the back of the class and my tolerance for pain is really high plus I have done this before, SCREW IT I am gonna do it now." So needle in hand I did the thing everyone would least expect I pierced my abdominal in the middle of geometry (not the best of ideas). Luckily I had more then one shirt on cause it bleed more then the first time I did it. so I put the bar in and twisted on the balls. Then raise my hand and asked.

"Uh ... can I go to the bathroom"

I took off my blood soaked shirt and cleaned up my "wound" put on a non blood soaked shirt and walked back to class.

The awesome thing was that no one noticed anything. the only question asked was "what took so long."

"I stopped at my locker and talked to the principal in the hall for while" (not really ... but they believed it so I was chill ... and fairly happy I did not really have to explain my self to anyone especially with the people who were in my class to begin with ... )

The rest of the day went pretty chill ... actually the rest of the week the piercing was totally fine ... I kept good care of it and cleaned it and stuff like I was supposed to ... and it was totally awesomely fine until that fateful day ... approximately eight teen ish days after getting it I decided to be a stupid little idiot ...

This piercing was the one I kept in for the shortest amount of time because ... I decided to be stupid and I was messing around with my friends (I will not name names) and one of them (angry grr once again will not name names ... even tho I really want to blurt it out, who exactly it was but I will not so angry grr ... oh and grrr) hit it ... &@$# !!!!! and BAM before anyone know what anything and before I know what hit me I was sitting doubled over on the ground and loads of obscenities came flowing out of my mouth at that moment ... but yea now I have "scar tissue from hell" where that piercing was ... it is the only one that I got scar tissue from also. But alas it did not stop me from doing it again .... and again ....

This was my 3rd abdominal piercing and it was not my last I did two more after it ... and hopefully another one soon. Three on my left side, Three on my right. I never was a "normal" person. the only piercings I have ever had have been abdominal. Also, none of them have been in the same spot as another one. I am actually hoping to get a 36 corset one as soon as I graduate. I do not settle for the normal ears and nose and all that I enjoy the exotic ... random ... strange ... unusual piercings.

I would hope you know that surface piercings usually get rejected so you can not leave them in for more then like a month. But yea, I do not recommend doing it yourself unless you know how to and you have sterile needles and stuff and of course know how to take care of it.

So there you go my awesome story about me piercing my side in class. I hope it at least entertained you for a while. actually I am guessing it made you laugh ... or at least smile ... because I am a weirdo or an idiot ... which ever you chose to call me. OHH and learn from my mistakes and DO NOT wrestle with your friends if you have a surface piercing that is less then a month old ... it hurts bad if you get hit. so yea hope you enjoyed it and bye for now


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 07 April 2008
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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