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Surface to Surface

Early this year, I had two surface to surface (surface bar) piercings on my chest, of which I absolutely loved the look. Up to this point, I had about 15 piercings in my life, and the surface to surface were definitely the most painful. Am I complaining? Not at all. Several months after the first one was done, I snagged it while I was sleeping on the collar of my tank top, which tore part of the tunnel. I tried changing the bar bell and taping it in place but it started migrating because the lower hole had torn. To remedy this, I removed the bar and Roz gave me two lovely dermal implants. The dermal implant process was much more intense that the surface to surface procedure, but they too looked lovely.

My experience with the dermal implants is that the implant must be held (or taped) into the channel otherwise it will not anchor as deeply as you would wish. I did press the implants into the tunnels several times each day for upwards of twenty minutes but for the first four or five days, they would immediately slide back out so that the post and part of the anchor bar protruded. I also tried using scotch tape to hold them in place, and while this seemed to be working, the tape was really irritating my skin and I had to stop using it. Within a week to two weeks after they had been implanted, the bottoms of the tunnels closed and the post with a small part of the anchor bar protruded. I tried again to force them back in, mostly by turning the implant and pressing it into the tunnel, but to no avail. Although I was told that I would not be able to remove them myself, again, one got caught while I was sleeping, and half of the anchor bar was now protruding Indeed, I successfully removed that dermal implant myself with no tools or complications. Simply work the anchor to stretch the surrounding tissue, apply warm water to the area to soften the skin and then pull it out like a fish hook. It was totally painless, healed wonderfully and didn't bleed. I had the bent implant anchors, not the implants with the holes in them. I think the implants with holes through the anchor bar would be much more secure and anchor more quickly than the bent bars. My intentions to get those were thwarted by the county health department.

I decided to go back to Roz to have a new dermal implant put in where the other one sat. Unfortunately, the county health department recently prohibited dermal implants, dermal punches, and beading by classifying them as "surgery."

With the recent illegalization of dermal implants, I asked Roz for a surface to surface on my sternum. Because I am an attorney, I needed it to be relatively low so that it would not be seen while wearing a normal collared shirt. Roz did an amazing job - despite the first piece of jewelry refusing to go through the tunnel (as a result of a manufacturing defect in the jewelry ! As a result of the debris caused by the defective jewelry, Roz had to repierce the tunnel to open the upper end. The second piece of jewelry went extremely easily and painlessly. It is beautiful. I will admit that it feels different than the surface to surface piercings on my chest because this one is directly over my sternum. It is slightly uncomfortable to really stretch my arms out or use my chest muscles. I could not sleep on my stomach at all last night and side-sleeping was rather uncomfortable as well.

Today when walking to work wearing a v-neck shirt, I looked down to pick up my files and OH NO! I could see the top ball! This would be disastrous as I had no other shirt to cover up with. Then I straightened up and looked into the mirror, discovering that the ball was only visible to me because I was looking down on it. Front on, it is completely undetectable.

Ultimately, I highly recommend surface to surface and dermal implants. They look beautiful. For me, the pain is only during the actual piercing part, once the piercing itself is finished, no pain whatsoever. I would gladly endure more severe pain for surface to surface and dermal implants as they are certainly worth it. Also watch out for the neckline of your shirts, particularly the ones you wear to sleep in, because the neckline can catch the post or the ball and pull out the jewelry. It is really disappointing when this happens. I have found that wife beaters have a high enough neckline that they will not catch my implant or surface bars.

In the meantime, I will start my suit against the county health department to allow dermal implants, punches and beading.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 07 April 2008
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Roz
Studio: Monkey+Bones
Location: Beavercreek%2C+Ohio

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