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A bitter-sweet story

For a while I've had a thing for unusual piercings; at the moment my more unusual ones are just my vertical industrial, my vertical bridge and my mandible microdermal. Anyway, this is the story of my vertical bridge :-) You could say it's a bitter-sweet story really; my vertical bridge was the result of a retired lowbret and an unreliable father.

Anyway, I spent 8 years not having contact with my father; we used to spend time together when I was younger, but when I was about 8 he just disappeared out of my life. He went on holiday and I only head from him three times from then until I was 16. Fast forward to when we started contact again; we'd met up a few times and had planned to go to London for a day. Anyway, we were going to meet at the train station, so I went there and waited for an hour in the rain (luckily mum waited in the car as she had doubts about whether or not he would show); the hour passed, the train arrived and left, I was soaking wet and was seriously pissed off. I tried phoning and texting him but his phone was turned off; so, covered in water and seriously let down I got back into the car.

Mum took me for a burger and then had to go into town for a bit; I had retired my lowbret a few days before, so she said I could get a new piercing. My plan originally had been to get a microdermal on my mandible in London, but this was now not an option (it was another month or so before my piercer told me he had just started doing them).

So, we got into the town centre and by this point I had decided I wanted a vertical bridge. Why did I want it? My dad is really into body modifications; he's got 70 tattoos (including facial and scalp coverage) and quite a few piercings (9 on his face alone) and for a while he'd been going on about getting a vertical bridge above his three piece bridge ladder.This sparked my interest in the piercing and eventually, partly out of wanting it myself and partly out of anger at my dad for letting me down again, I decided that that would be the day I got my vertical bridge :-)

So, I walked down to Steve's, the tattoo place where I get my piercings, walked in and told Al I wanted a vertical bridge; he measured me up, had me sign the form and then sorted out the placement. It took a couple of goes but we finally got the placement sorted; my face isn't particularly symmetrical, so this was a bit tricky.

So, I'm sat in the chair with a pair of clamps attached to my face and a pair of dots between my eye;. I was quite nervous (no idea why considering the amount of piercings I'd had at that point), but Al reassured me that it would be fine. I felt the needle break through the skin and I had been expecting a lot of pain, but there was just a burning sensation as the needle went through, followed by a tiny bit of pain and quite a lot of pressure. After the jewellery was in I looked in the mirror and smiled in delight at my gorgeous new piercing. I got up, paid Al £20 for the piercing and turned around to see my sister's friend and some of her friends, waiting for one of them to get pierced. They all looked at me in disgust as I looked at them with a bloody, and already very swollen, vertical bridge piercing.

I left the shop and walked back up to the car park where I'd said I'd meet mum; I waited a while, texted dad, and then stood around waiting. I spent some of the time thinking, and the day had been such a bitter one, yet at the same time had been quite beautiful; yeah my dad had let me down, I was soaking wet and about to face a mum who hated facial piercings, but at the same time I had got a piercing that I thought was truly beautiful (and still do :-) ) and I had made something positive out of a negative experience.

Mum got back to the car, lectured me about how awful my bridge looked and we drove home; yeah I was still upset about dad, but I had my beautiful new piercing to make up for it :-) Since then I've seen dad once and he paid for my microdermal on my mandible, and was extremely jealous of my vertical bridge :-p

The swelling took a week or two to go down, but it's healing really nicely :-) There's very little lymph coming out of it any more and it's no longer swollen or sore.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 07 April 2008
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Al
Studio: Steve%27s
Location: England

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