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Please tell me they are stuck on...

I have been a piercing fanatic for many years now and have a good 14 at the moment, not including some retired piercings. Surface piercings have always fascinated me, but my body tends to like to reject, so my concern with surface piercings is obvious. I have search BME for quite some years now, looking for new ideas or just fantasizing and I have seen the Micro dermal Anchors start to appear more and more. After doing research I realized that these dermals may be the answer to my surface rejection problems, and decided I wanted to get two dermals on my neck to impersonate a nape surface piercing. I started to ring around to see who might do these piercings and lucky enough, my usual piercer has been ding them for quite some months now. So straight away I made my appointment for the next pay day.

Walking into the shop I was surprisingly not too nervous, after having my nipple, tongue and various cartilage piercings, I didn't think a simple flesh piercing could really hurt... well maybe I should have been nervous. I had a quick chat to the girl about cost, had a look at the jewelry, signed the forms and stood in front of the mirror. Marking up the back of my neck took longer that the piercing itself, but that is good, because I know she was taking her time to get it right. I told her I didn't want my heaps close together like a lot of surface piercings that I see, but more on either side of my spine. When she marked me up she took a pick with her camera phone and showed me the positioning, I adjusted it a bit and the second time was spot on where I wanted them. So it was time to lie down on the table.

She explained how she was going to do the piercings, which involved a needle and catheter, just like my others...too simple right? Well I took a deep breath as I felt the needle touch my skin. The slight sting got worse and worse as the needle got deeper into my body and as the needle was pulled back out my feet lifted off the table... I won't lie, it hurt, and luckily that was the worse bit. After that it was a minute of pushing and poking until the jewelry was in place... this pinched more than really hurt.

So I had one piercing done and one more to go. Before I let her once again stick that needle back into my skin I had to sit up and calm myself down again. I had a glass of water and some jellybeans until my stomach was back in its rightful place. I psyched myself up and laid back down on the table. This time I knew what to expect and I found it didn't hurt as much as the first one. Once again the first bit with the needle was the worse, but it didn't take her as long to get the jewelry in this time, im guessing she now knew how my skin sat and was able to position better. So once again I took my time to sit up n chomped down on some jelly beans. I stood up and she took a photo to show me my two new microdermals... I loved them!! She explained the cleaning procedure which involved using a spray and washing with an antibacterial wash twice a day in the shower. She also said that for the first week I should tape them down to help hold them in place which the skin grows around the jewelry. She taped me up; I paid her and left the store.

There was surprising very little after pain for the rest of the day, unlike other piercings I have had where it throbs for the next few hours, I couldn't even tell they were there! I went passed the shop on the way home and bought the tape, to hold it down and some antibacterial hand wash. They were slightly sore to lie on for the next day, but I found sleeping was no problem. Because the disks are quite flat I haven't hooked them on anything yet, although it is still early days. The piercing is a bit red around the holes, but nothing that I didn't expect. One of the dermals slightly leans over to one side, but it is barely noticeable and it was the one that took her much longer to do so obviously she got it to sit the best she could. They are still slightly swollen so I am interested to see how they sit once the swelling goes down. Basically an experience that was worth the pain and I wouldn't hesitate to go back and get more.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 March 2008
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Unsure+of+name
Studio: Hairhouse+Warehouse
Location: Marion%2C+Adelaide

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