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My new surface bar piercing.

Well, about six months ago, I decided that I would like to go one step further from my stretched ears and my cartilage piercings to something a big more extreme, well for me anyway. I decided I wanted a surface piercing somewhere. After months of asking my parents for one, they continued to say no, so I decided what's the harm if they can't see it? So I did extensive research before hand. I heard that they grow out after a period of time, so I took this into very careful consideration. I also heard that if not looked after properly, they can reject and literally pop out of your skin, I also took this into major consideration.

So finally, when i had the money, I went on down to my local Hairhouse Warehouse. I went in and asked how much they charged, the guy said they were sixty dollars, I figured this wasn't so bad, as they had just ordered in a new stock of higher grade surface bars, so I said okay and filled out the forms. The piercer then came in "a surface piercing hey?" I said yep. He asked me where I wanted it. I wasn't to sure at first, but I figured on my hip would be the place to go. This way my parents wouldn't be able to see it and it was in a place I felt comfortable with having it. So he then continued to get out his tools, while I was still sketching out over it. I thought it was going to hurt like there was no tomorrow.

He then grabbed around my hip for a while to see where I had the most skin. He marked the two dots on each side and said "that okay? I said yes. He then clamped that spot on my hip and continued to get out his needle and got in position.

He then said "you ready?" I said yes and took a deep breathe. It didn't hurt anywhere near as much as I thought it would. In fact, it didn't even hurt at all. Just a slight sting, no worse then a pinch on the arm. He then put in the bar and said "there you go, all done". I went out and paid for it. As soon as I got outside I showed all my friends. They were all amazed, as surface piercings in my town are unheard of.

The next week at school I had to be careful that no one who knew my parents saw it, as they still didn't know. Everyone was so amazed by it, they couldn't believe what the hell it was. I took, what I thought was amazing care of it. I washed it two – three times a day. I didn't know what to wash it with at first, so I went down to my super market and got some Palmolive soft wash. It's what I used on all my other piercings and it worked wonders. And it did! Within a few days it was healed. I could lay on my side, play with it, whatever. I loved it so much. But then after about six months, sadly, it started to grow out. I had never had any problems with it, but this was the time. So I waited a bit longer to see if it got any worse. To my grief, it did. It started to swell up a bit, and there was a lot of dead skin around it. I thought this is the time it has to come out, or it's going to hurt a lot more in the long run. So I left it a day or two more, just to give it a little healing time before I took it out.

The next day I went into the bathroom, got out my soap and some cotton buds. I washed it with the soap, and dried it. I then took off one of the balls, pinched my skin together and started to pull it out. At first it was hard. I expected it to hurt like hell, but it didn't. I started to pull it out a little more and it was coming out so well. Then, bam! It was out. I didn't even feel a thing. I thought the bar would rub against the inside of my skin, but no, not at all. I felt so achieved that I did this. I then looked at the bar that was once inside of me for one last time.

Its been about a month since I've taken it out. At first there was a pretty nasty scar, but I continued to wash it with the soft wash soap. The scar has now nearly completely disappeared and it doesn't hurt at all. It feels like there wasn't even anything there. My parents never knew about it and I got a new piercing. It was great.

I hope to get it done again one day, along with my other hip too. I now have a new fascination with piercings and I couldn't be happier.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 March 2008
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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