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My First cleavage and nipple piercings.

I've always considered the idea of getting a cleavage piercing, I thought they were very pretty and unique. The only problem was I'd gotten my Madison pierced last year and when it grew out it left a nasty scar and I didn't want the same to happen to this one as it was in between my breasts. So I pushed it too the back of my mind and instead got other piercings. Then me and my best friend decided to get piercings, so we went to jack diamonds piercings shop in London and I was all set to get cheek piercings, but just out of curiosity I asked the piercer about cleavage piercings he told me I could get dermal anchors instead of a surface bar, it seemed like the perfect solution! He showed me pictures of previous ones he had done and I fell in love! I decided it I wanted them.

I was really nervous, so as he was sorting out the forms and such I went for a cigarette and talked to my friend about it, she also thought it was a brilliant idea and calmed me down a bit! We completed the forms (she was getting her nipples pierced) and headed upstairs. I decided to get it done first to get it over as soon as possible! I took my top and bra off and he started marking them.

It took a while to make sure the two dots were in line, but when he had finished they were perfect! I laid down on the piercing bed as he got out all the equipment and sterilized the jewellery. I was VERY nervous at this point, as I knew this would probably hurt a lot. He started with the lower dot and made a small hole, this didn't feel too bad and I was thinking, hey I can deal with this, he then scooped out some skin and made the hole bigger inside, stretching it. This was extremely painful! I was gripping the sides of the bed for dear life and closed my eyes very tightly! He then inserted the metal plate which felt like someone twisting my skin. It wouldn't go in so he had too stretch it a bit more and the try again, the second time it was even more painful and I was almost screaming in pain. The second time, it went in and he screwed the top on. The first one was over!

After all that, I had a break of a few minutes. I looked down and it looked so cute! I was so happy with it and couldn't wait to get the other one finished. After a few minutes he started the second one. It was every bit as painful as the first, and when he was deepening the hole it hurt so much I grabbed my friends hand and squeezed it really hard, but soon that was finished too. I was so glad it was over!

He cleaned up the blood and I looked in the mirror. I loved it! It was perfectly in line and so cute! He then took a picture and put bandages over it. I was feeling rather light-headed at this point so he gave me a drink to calm me down.

My friend then had her nipples pierced and I thought "why not get a nipple piercing?" I knew he could only do one more piercing on me as I'd already had two, so I decided to get my right nipple pierced horizontally. My adrenaline was also very high so I felt like I could do anything!

After my friends nipples had been pierced, I took off my top and bra again and he started marking my nipple. I wanted it horizontal, as I though that vertical wouldn't match my dermal anchors. He marked it perfectly and in a matter of seconds I was on the bed again!

This time I wasn't afraid at all- just excited! He clamped my nipple and pushed the needle in, but the needle wouldn't go through the other end! He told me I had scar tissue there and was pushing really hard. By this point I was in agony, but soon enough it was done and I didn't even feel him put in the jewellery. I looked in the mirror and I was so happy with the result! He bandaged it up for me and told me how to clean it. I'm going back in two weeks to get my dermal's checked and get my other nipple pierced. And I'm really excited!

I've also decided I'm going to get four more dermal anchors on my chest, two on each side, going diagonally. I really, really love my new piercings! The dermal anchors weren't really sore at all afterwards; the nipple throbbed though but not badly. All in all, I'm very glad I've got them done! They're my favourite new piercings and I think they look lovely!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 March 2008
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: iestyn
Studio: diamond+jacks
Location: london

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