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I love my Sternum!

So I have wanted my sternum pierced for what has seemed forever now, I started getting into piercing a couple of months ago when I went to get my Tragus and nose done, then after my nose piercing fell out, I went to get it redone and have my anti Tragus done, it seems I have caught the piercing bug!

I decided I wanted my next piercing to be more noticeable than just on my ears or a small stud in my nose. My mum hated the idea of my having any facial piercing, and seeing as I have a brace that was pretty much a no, so I thought about my sternum or clavicles.

I ended up choosing sternum because it was cheaper and less pain, as in, it didn't have to be repeated.

I voiced the idea to my mum, who despised the idea and said she accepted any other piercing than that. So of course I went right ahead and did it anyway. I am 17, and it's my body, Teenage rebellion eh?

It was a Saturday and I was ready to have my piercing after getting in touch with Jon at pierced and proud earlier in the week. My friend came over to mine and asked if I was still getting my sternum done, of course my answer was YES. We met up with some more friends and went to the shop. My friend made me ask for her piercing too, because she was too scared. My two friends wanted helix' done and were so scared, this really helped me, because being scared for them totally played down my feelings, and I didn't really start to worry until I was lying down with Jon over my two dots with a needle.

He had told me the sternum was the only piercing he did free hand, which unnerved me slightly, but I trust him.

He started cleaning the area with an antiseptic wipe.

He marked me up with the dots, and they were perfect first time, not too high, but not directly between the boobs either. He asked me to lie down on the bed thing. I wore a low top so I wouldn't have to take my top off or anything. I was surprised at how calm I was, I expected to be a state. I just kind of breathed slowly.

I was expecting lots of pain and was terrified of crying and looking like a fool, but it was actually okay. The first entry was fine; just felt like any other piercing, it started to hurt as he put it through the tissue and coming out the other end. The piercing took a while, but I enjoyed the pain. My friends were watching, disgusted. My eyes were flickering rapidly apparently. The insertion of the bar was fast and I couldn't wait to look at it.

I looked in the mirror; it looked amazing. I sat back down and he put my bandage on. I would've killed to have it off and to be able to show everyone. I wore the bandage for a couple of hours round town and people asked me what I'd done. When I told them they called me crazy. We went to McDonalds and it was uncomfortable bending down to pick things up, I think this was because of the bandage though.

When I got home I was surprised. My mum actually likes the piercing too and I am hiding it from my dad still. When I got home from town, it was only a few hours old; I took the bandage off but didn't want to clean it until later, just to let it settle.

I waited until I got to my boyfriends house and cleaned it. It bled a tiny bit after that, but hardly anything.

I slept that night sharing a bed with my boyfriend and woke up with a bit of blood on the bandage I put on to sleep in so it wouldn't get caught.

I have cleaned it twice today, I don't want to over clean it but I want to keep it infection free so it is less likely to reject.

My only one mistake was taking my friends in with me, they are totally sick. They call me sick for having a long piercing list full of 'disgusting' piercings, then they're watching intently at me getting this piercing done. Saying eww and that I am weird for being so calm. Then when we left complaining saying we should've filmed it! But realistically I didn't notice they were there. I was focusing on the piercing.

Anyone who wants this piercing should definitely go for it! The pain isn't that bad and I hope the healing for me will be okay.

And people in Lincoln should go to pierced N proud. It is a great shop, and they're all lovely!

My next piercing is definitely my industrial. I can't wait!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 March 2008
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Jon
Studio: Pierced+N+Proud
Location: Lincoln%2C+UK

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