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Vertical Bridge Piercing; Becoming the Unicorn

For the longest time I had contemplated a vertical bridge piercing. At one point, I had looked into simple bridge piercings, but found that they were becoming more common among "scene kids" and decided not to go that route.

Before getting my Vertical bridge done, I did LOTS of research. Which type of materials were best/ worst. What to expect with a surface piercing. Needless to say, it looked like alot of work, but I STILL was determined to get my unicorn piercing!

After calling around locally, I decided that my regular piercer, Alysha Franco of graphic flesh. She had done a few piercings for me before, and I love her attitude and her shop! I called and made an appointment for the first tuesday in February.

When I went in, Alysha tried to convince me that this piercing can cause alot of issues. not only because it is a surface piercing, but because of the placement. She said since I was so adamant about it, she would have a look at my face, and see if there was even enough skin to work with.

While she prepared the table, and supplies my boyfriend gave me the "are you sure you want to do this?" look. I was excited at this point! 2 years of waiting and FINALLY, I would have it!

Once everything was prepared Alysha called me back to have a look. And to my delight, she admitted there was enough skin to safely pierce my vertical bridge. she told me that she would not be using clamps today, and instead was going to message the area first, and guide the needle through herself. This made me very excited! I truly despise clamps!

We then discussed materials, and decided on tygon. I had never before heard of tygon. She described to to me as a "catheter" that is used for IV's in hospitals. I trusted her judgement, and decided I would use the tygon for the healing process.

After throughly explaining her plans to me, she then began marking the area. We spent nearly 25 minutes finding the exact placement, and trying to find the best spot where there would be the least amount of disruption to the piercing.

Finally, it was marked, and Alysha once again asked if I was truly ready to have this done. I thought for a second. It would mean lots of babying my new piercing, and if it decided to stay, hopefully years of taking keen good care of it. I replied "yes" and she asked me to lie down and relax.

She started with the messaging of the tissue, mentioned above. it was very soothing, and I quickly became very relaxed. Once she had gotten the skin supple enough to her liking, she asked me to start taking a few deep breaths while she guided the needle through.

I was expecting quite a bit of pain! but to my surprise, it was the most painless experience! once Alysha had the needle in, she guided it through the second mark perfectly! once the needle was through, she grabbed a cork and stuck it to the sharp end of the needle, changed her gloves and began to insert the tygon.

The insertion of the tygon was probably the most wicked piercing experience EVER. I had no idea it was so wiggly, While my piercer gently pulled the piece through, it felt like a worm was slithering through my newly made holes. I laughed for the entire process! I just couldn't help myself! Plus, after having the piercing done, I felt a strange euphoric sensation, unlike any other. Not even like the "adrenaline rush" after other piercings.

Once my tygon was in, Alysha trimmed it to size, leaving just a couple Millimeters for swelling. She then changed her gloves again, and put on the 3 millimeter internally threaded balls on the tygon. She then grabbed a piece of cotton and dabbed away some of the lubricant used for inserting the tygon, and a speck of blood that had appeared. I was very pleased, as I had a very minimal speck of blood. hardly any!

After cleaning the area, she asked me to sit up and examine my new Vertical bridge. I was very happy! the placement was perfect! Alysha seemed pleased with it as well, and grabbed the studio camera to get a photo for her portfolio.

All said an done, she spoke again of aftercare options. She told me to use sea salt soaks and to use Q tips once the lymph began to appear. I thanked her, tipped her and left, pleased as could be!

The first night was very odd, I tried very had to keep my face as still as possible. I was still pain free! and feeling very strange about it, I had expected it to flare up and act badly.

The first week, was perfect new piercing bliss! I continued on the cleaning regime my piercer had asked me to. Still no pain. tender to the touch. No redness!

The second week, as the same as the first. lymph began to secrete, first lots. it was downright embarrassing at times. I went out with a group of friends and had to excuse myself and retrieve my q-tips for a quick clean up.

By week three, the lyphing had tapered down, and I only found that I had crusties after I was working out, or after a nights sleep. The bottom ball started getting "angry" with me. As I wear glasses and occasionally would bump the ball with the frames. I decided to put my contacts in and leave it be. The bottom hole developed a very small "bump" that I'm finding very common. I started Chamomile soaks the middle of the third week.

Week four, Its doing wonderfully. the lymph is very infrequent now. I only find crusties after a vigorous workout now. I suspect some of it is sweat. I have continued chamomile soaks for my "bump" which has shrunken away greatly. and is nearly gone. I ordered some satin antimicrobial soap for it, as it was getting dry. within 2 washes, my vertical bridge felt wonderful! I will continue sea salt soaks in the morning, a satin wash after workouts, and chamomile at night.

I am expected back to the parlor in a few days to have the tygon changed, and to put on some very wonderful gemmed balls I found on a UK website. The entire experience was wonderful, and so far it has been the best behaved piercing yet.

I do not recommend tygon for everybody. as the material is very malleable and I dont think everybody reacts the same way. I suppose its by luck that my body truly appreciates the material.

All in all, I have so far enjoyed my Vertical bridge. however the upkeep of it is surprising. I do believe it will always need a bit of extra care, as it is a surface piercing, and in a relatively vulnerable place. If you a considering this piercing please research it throughly, and have it done by a professional!

I hope to maintain my Vertical Bridge for years to come!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 March 2008
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Alysha+Franco
Studio: Graphic+Flesh
Location: Normal+Illinois

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