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My Microdermals

I've been interested in micro-dermals for a while now, I am part of a forum on the bodyjewelleryshop site in the UK and had been hearing a lot about them, so I started looking on BME and other sites to read up about them. I decided I must have one but, didn't really actively do anything about it.

I have to say BME is brilliant for getting information and pictures about piercing and tattoos.

I've been going to Tattoo Inc for a couple of years now, and Hayley has done all my piercings. She mentioned she was starting to do micro-dermals but wouldn't be offering them to the public until she had done many and was 100% sure she was happy about doing them.

So I am sat on the bus going into town and a thought popped into my head, I wonder???? So in I popped to see Hayley and said look I know you aren't doing them yet but could I be a bit of a guinea pig for you? She said Yes!!!!

She had done quite a few by this time both on herself and close friends who offered themselves into her hands as guinea pigs.

So I lay down and she prepared everything. It was all in sterile packaging and I had a choice of caps, I chose a pink gem. I couldn't get over how tiny they actually are, don't get me wrong I have done research on them but they really are tiny little things, so you can basically have them anywhere you want. I chose to have mine on my left hand side by my hip, the idea being I can either get another above it or have one on the other side.

Anyway as I was saying I lay down on the bed, she asked if I was nervous but I said I wasn't, I just didn't know what to expect. She first had to pinch and knead my skin in that area this helps to seperate the layers, she asked if I was ready, I started deep breathing but she asked me to just breath normally so that was quite funny, and then nothing to be honest, it was just a little sharp scratch(if that) and it was done very quickly. But I bled, I have not bled before at all, but I did on this. It wasn't a huge amount but obviously I was worried about it drying underneath and pushing it up so it didn't sit flush to my skin.

She put on a sterile plaster, one of the white ones that doesn't stick to the micro-dermal and off I went. I took the dressing off a couple of hours later and although it had bled a little it had stopped.

THE DAY AFTER: Bruised. I had a good nights sleep with no problems at all, although I did sleep on my other side just to be safe. Cleaned off a little dried blood but it bled again so I have just left it alone. It's still tender but that is more bruising from Hayley pinching the area, I am not going to risk having a shower till tomorrow night now as I don't want it to bleed again.

I have to say I found all of it pleasant and fairly pain free and I will be going back as soon as she starts doing them to the public for my other side doing, I am really pleased that I popped in when I did and asked if she would do it for me!!!! Thanks Hayleyxxx

It is worth getting micro-dermals instead of surface piercings as although they can reject they have a far lower rejection rate than surface piercings do. And you really can more or less have them anywhere you like, I mean I am sure there are a few areas where it wouldn't be recommended, but other than that go for it.

They can be removed if for whatever reason you either decide you dont want it anymore or it is showing signs of rejection, this does hurt more than having them put in but again it depends how long you have had them for. As a general rule they are classed as being permanent. They also leave a much smaller scar than a removed or rejected surface piercing so I really would recommend them to anyone!!

Now move on another 2 weeks I potter over to see Hayley as I have decided to have my other hip done. She has now started doing them properly, so she was more than happy to do my right side for me.

We follow the same procedure, but this time we used a smaller dermal punch. This time it actually hurt slightly more than the last time and also getting the anchor in was much tighter than before, but she got it in no problems at all.

She took a long time measuring it up with the other one so that both sides were fairly even, I am really chuffed with it. I have to wait 3 months to change one of the gems as I have a baby pink in one side and fushia in the other, but to be honest no one will see this anyway, well apart from my partner but I bet he wont notice anyway.

This one didn't bleed nearly as much as the other side either. I don't know if this was because the other side was a bigger punch, so bigger hole, and because my right side was a smaller hole, it didn't bleed so much.

A big thanks to Hayley at Tattoo Inc. in Kettering, she has always made me feel invited and at ease whenever I have been in and I have never been unhappy with any work I have had done there.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 March 2008
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Hayley
Studio: Tattoo+Inc
Location: Kettering%2CNorthamptonshire%2CUK

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