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Mircodermals in hips.

My appointment to get my mircodermals done was for 10 in the morning on Saturday at the Inverness Tattoo Centre. I've been there for two other piercings (which is all but my four lobe ones). I arrived a little later than that because I had to travel in from afar and public transport isn't particularly fast so I had to wait a short while for Gary Valentine (the tattooist/piercer) to become available. This was ok as I had two friends with me so we passed the time looking at the tattoo designs on the wall and just generally chatting away.

I filled in my form and handed over my ID to the girl on the desk and then was ushered into the room. It was Gary Valentine who was to do the piercing; I have to say at this point that I've never had him work on me before though I had previously talked to him. Jason, my usual piercer, was there too to help mop up the blood and learn more about how it was done. I was marked up and checked they were in the right place in the full length mirror. Satisfied with the placement first time, I hopped up onto the table and lay down. I was fairly disappointed that I wasn't able to see what was going on but it's not unusual for me, I've never seen my ears being pierced. Gary explained he was going to make the two holes with the needle (I'm afraid I don't know what gauge it was, sorry!) on my left side first and then put in the dermal anchors. The first one to be made wasn't too painful, just made have a sharp intake of breath, and after asking me if I was ok, he proceed to make the second hole.

The second one hurt a little more and bled rather a lot, nothing too terrible though, it made me laugh more than anything. Jason kept pressure on it to help stem the flow so everything was fine. I chatted away to both of them about the designs and the course Gary had been on for this while they were at it so it was a nice, relaxed atmosphere.

The dermal anchors were then brought out and using the clamps, were inserted into the new hole in my skin. It was fairly uncomfortable but then, I guess that's to be expected really. The click once the jewellery was in was incredibly satisfying to hear. The second one took a little longer to insert but again, the pain wasn't high and the click at the end made it all worthwhile.

I was asked if I wanted to take a break before the other two were done but I was happy enough to just press on so that's what we did. Two more holes were created with the needle in my right side this time. The lower of the two holes accepted the jewellery easily (though the first attempt went wrong as the anchor pinged off the clamp and into Gary's top somewhere, I don't think it was found again). During the insertion in the upper hole however, the clamp slipped – something we'd just talked about being likely to happen due to the clamps being the 'best of a bad bunch' – and scrapped my stomach a wee bit; thankfully this didn't really cause any extra pain, just made me flinch a little. Second attempt was fine; no serious pain, just like the rest of them – a sharp intake of breath to combat the pain and it was gone.

The alcohol wipes were then used to gently clean the blood off my stomach. Folded up kitchen towels were then stuck over the new mircodermals so that it wouldn't catch on my skin when I took it off but would stop any extra blood. Gary then left the aftercare talk to Jason as he had to get back to doing a tattoo which he had explained he would do before I'd even got into the room.

During the talk however, I started to feel a bit wobbly so I lay back down on the table (with some help from Jason as I seemed to have lost the ability to clamber onto things properly...) and he went off to grab me some water and inform the others waiting for me to leave that I might be a wee minute. Gary also came in to check on me when he was told what happened. On finding me smiling, though still lying down, he returned back to his other customer. The water helped a lot and I chatted with Jason until I felt ready to get my arse out the shop.

The receptionist wanted to see what they looked like so I showed them off and received my compliments before going.

After almost forgetting to pay my £100, I tipped them ten quid and left the shop with four beautiful new mircodermals. So happy!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 March 2008
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Gary+Valentine
Studio: Inverness+Tattoo+Centre
Location: Inverness%2C+Scotland.

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