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Nape at a Festival...

I got my nape pierced on the 26th August 2007 at Reading Festival in the U.K. I had wanted a nape for ages and had been teasing my mum, telling her I was either going to get a tattoo or my nape done at Reading (I have been going there since I was 12). Plus, I had told everyone at my school that I would get it done before year 11 and I wasn't backing down! I looked at them on BME for ages and read other people's experiences (which hardly filled me with confidence), worried when the time came I wouldn't have the nerve.

Being 15 there wasn't a legit place in my hometown where I could go and, whilst my mum couldn't give a crap what I do to myself, she didn't want any part in me "ruining my neck" so wouldn't sign any consent forms. She has since changed her mind on my nape.

Anyway, no good bands were on at the time so I decided to have a look at the piercing tent for jewellry as I also have a monroe, my nose done and countless ear piercings including stretching to 14mm. I bought some really cheap jewellry and then I noticed that they were doing nape piercings for £30. That's pretty cheap so decided "why not?! I never do stupid crap like get pierced in a tent at a festival!" (ha)

I said I was 17 - I look old anyway. When the bloke at the counter said "I don't give a shit how old you are" maybe that's when I should have left. I had to wait for aged for a bunch of drunk blokes to get their nipples pierced... one cried lol. I was trying to talk to people but, really, I was petrified and shaking. I got called into a little private area and had to wait for 10 minutes while my piercer spoke on the phone about how "the t.v's wil be there by tomorrow... they're all legit". I was terrified...

He then lined up my nape and cleaned my neck. I had to ask to see where he had marked it and he seemed almost annoyed that I wanted to know where abouts he was going to pierce me. He actually marked it perfectly. He opened a sterile needle and put gloves on (thank God). He put the clamps on and they hurt like hell - I thought it was the needle! Strangely, the needle going through my skin didn't hurt at all. I felt every mm of it go through but it was just a strange sensation. I didn't feel the jewellry go in and when he said t was done I was shocked- was that it?! The jewellry used was a PTFE bar, which I would recommend as it moves with your neck and will not work it's way out.

He put a big plaster on the back of my neck and I asked him for some extra plasters to keep it covered up the rest of the festival and left. Everyone had a good look and I inspired some girl to get her's done too! There wasn't a drop of blood so I went out to enjoy the rest of the festival and spend the remainder of the time drinking, dancing and sleeping in filth. To this day, have never been able to feel the piercing and it has never even slightly rejected, much to my surprise. Most of the time I forget it's there.

I rang my mum when I got out and got screamed at for being such a dick, but she didn't really mind. I've done enough crap by now. My sister, who I was with, had no idea I had even gone to the piercers. She was slightly digusted but, whatever, her opinion is her opinion. For about a week afterwards, the area around it was very red and I panicked it was going to reject, thus a)making myself look stupid b)ending my lovely piercing's life and c) losing me £30. I think this was just because I hadn't really been able to look after it at Reading. Nowadays I moisturise it everyday with e45 cream, it really helps it and doesn't dry the skin out.

Overall, I would recommend a nape piercing to anyone. They're beautiful and everyone has an opinion on them - by far my favourite piercings. My friends were all amazed, as you don't see them every day and they all just wanted to touch the bar under my skin. Nape piercings are easy to manage and can be hidden for work or school. Just go to a proper piercer and not some crusty dude in a tent...

Thanks for reading my experience


Next I think I'm going to get a Madison, if I don't chicken out :)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 04 March 2008
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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