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Hand-web stretch

For quite a while now, I've like the idea of having my 'hand webbing' (I don't know the correct name) between my thumb and index finger pierced and stretched. I thought as long as I never stretch it past about 30mm, I'll be able to grip things without the jewellery getting in the way. The most I ever would have stretched to would have been about 10-12mm anyway. I spoke to my local piercer about it, but she didn't seem too keen on piercing it because the collection of nerves, and it could go wrong so easily, and the healing process would be very difficult seeing that it's in constant use. Personally, I feel that the further away the pain is from my face, the less I feel the intensity. Well, this seemed right until now.

I'd liked the idea of it for about a year before getting it done. First, I had it measured, and found that it would be too thick to have a standard ear tunnel put in, because when I gripped with the thumb and index finger, it got a hell of a lot thicker. I then had the option to order a tunnel to size, but I'd have to wait around two weeks for it to be made and delivered. Since I was planning on a stretch straight away, and I didn't want to spend too much, I decided to use a plastic stretching cone. I Okayed this with the piercer, and she cut a black plastic 4mm cone down. I think it ended up about 28mm long by 4mm constantly. Luckily, the constant 4mm of the cone was just long enough to retain the piercing. I didn't really like the idea of having a cut down cone; I would have preferred to have a full cone, with come sticking out, and in metal. However, because of the safety aspect and that it would definitely get caught during the healing time, I'd have to have it cut. I was also told that if I wanted to have a full cone in after it had healed, and then it was upto me, but she strongly advised not to, and tried to explain about the catching on pockets etc.

I tried pinching the webbing as much as I could without it being too painful, and I could pinch it quite a lot, and the skin felt kind of dead and hardly hurt at all. This helped psych me up more. I'd had surface piercing on the back of my wrist previously, and the procedure seemed quite similar when I finally got in the chair after about half hour wait in the waiting room, also after being told to come back twice because the person before me kept on changing his ideas for his back tattoo, and took a long time for his outlines. I sat back in the familiar chair, as she sterilised my hand thoroughly and prepared the needle and clamp. From previous experience of the clamp, it was usually the worst part. She took a while pinching the soon to be pierced webbing, sliding any veins out of the way. However, as she put the clamp in place, it hardly hurt which was surprising. My thumb had a really strange sensation going through it, a little bit like a small electric shock, and it twitched a bit. I just assumed this was because of the clamp pressing down on a nerve. She was still a bit unsure about the piercing and thought that it would be a lot of pain to stand, so she said at any point we can stop and just bandage it up. I didn't think that I'd really need to , and I knew that if I did, I'd feel really disappointed in myself afterwards. She held the needle in place, and then pushed through. It took a lot of force to push it all the way through, I didn't realise the skin was so thick. My little theory about the pain being lesser as it gets further away from my face was SOO WRONG. It was incredible how much this was actually hurting me. I had a huge pain shooting through my forearm, and where the electric shock feeling was in my thumb just got unbearable. I definitely didn't want to just stop and have a 2.4mm PA ring put in, I wanted the whole stretch.

She pulled the needle out, and inserted a metal 4mm stretching cone ready for the next stage. She had it covered in lubricant and held it in place. She pushed it slowly, and the pain through my thumb got worse and worse and spread through my whole hand, but the pain in my arm seemed to dull a bit. She continued until I asked her to stop for a little while to 'catch my breath' so-to-speak. I was stretched to about 3mm now, only one more to go. I looked at the cone forcing my skin outwards and it looked a little as if it had ripped a bit. I'm not sure why, but I asked her to carry on even though she could see the pain I was in and offered to put a 2.4 PA ring in then, and bandage everything up, so the hole would have to shrink 0.6mm to fit the ring. This was an extremely painful stretch to 4mm, leaving my hand shaking and relieved. Swapping the cone for the black jewellery was a piece of cake, just a bit uncomfortable. My hand was bandaged up, and I was on my way and eager for the hours to pass so I could clean up any more blood and be able to see it.

On the way home, I decided to go to a piercer with a bigger selection of jewellery and bought a 4mm metal cone to switch with the plastic one despite being warned about the danger. I got back home with the cone, took out the jewellery after sterilising it of course, but only able to wear one rubber glove. I took a couple of photos of the hole, and then put the cone through. The pain that I felt shooting through my thumb as it shrunk around the jewellery too early and I had to stretch it back up, which was expected really. The stretch was expected but not the pain. Every little movement of my thumb made the pain worse, and after a long thought, I decided to take it out. I regretted switching the jewellery straight away. I didn't want to keep it in and find that I had damaged my hand and I thought it was for the best. I know that after some mods, it's going to be uncomfortable and maybe a little painful for a while, but this pain was something else. I really felt that taking it out was the safest option at this point.

The hole closed up within 2 minutes and filled a little with some blood as I held my hand upto light to see through my hand. I wiped it over with antiseptic wipes, and covered it up, and as soon as the metal cone left my body, all pain disappeared. I'm not even left with a scar, just the experience


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 04 March 2008
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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