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A surface without a surface or a bar!

Ok. So lets start this tale from the beginning, I'm 24 and until last year I only had a helix and standard lobe piercing.

Then last year I got a transverse horizontal lobe done... but that's another story..

I work in an environment that is non-Body modification friendly (but hey! who does!) so the choice of piercings open to me is limited sadly.

I have always wanted my Nape done but the idea of surface bars and the complications make my stomach go funky.

Then I herd about dermal anchors and microdermals... and so my hunt begun.

I pride myself on only having the least popular piercings done and only by whom I want to do them.

I spent the afternoon at work calling local studios to find out who was doing these cute little things. After a few hours I noticed a pattern was emerging.. The same 2 people kept popping up in conversation.. Simon from Eternal tattoos in Dorking and another guy in Worthing.

So I was hot on the phone to Simon and much to my sadness I found out that he has a broken hand and was not doing any work until April.

Well I couldn't wait that long (its Feb now) so I thought I'd try a new studio that opened in town last Sept. I had been there before to buy a BCR so I knew what the place was like.

So after grabbing my friend and jumping on the bus I headed over there.

My piercer was a great guy called Chris who talked to me about the micros and how they work. I asked him about the Jewelery and he showed me so I knew exactly what was being put under my skin. I also asked how many people had he put these into... I didn't want to be a guinea pig! He reassured me that he had done a few this week.

I should also point out that he had (at least) 2 dermal's on his neck, which reassured me that they were fine. I mean who wants to get a piercing done by someone who hasn't tried it himself or herself?

I wanted this to be noted as I think a person who is making a living by putting holes or ink in your body should be a nice person who is willing to put you at ease.

Chris was pretty much that with the friendly banter and general conversation.

Now can the hard bit.. He wouldn't numb me and convinced me that it wasn't needed for this kind of work.

The studio also only deals in cash... So with this in mind I wandered out the studio to the cash machine. With hindsight this is a great policy as it give you time to rethink and flee if you need to!

But sure enough I can back.. He took me in the side room and sat me down to choose an area.. These puppies are £65 a go so I would have to get 2 sessions so as not to pee off my bank manager!

Now here is something I forgot to mention... I am terrified of pain and needles... when I had my lobe done it was numbed and my orbital brought me to tears (mainly because my piercer was inept and useless!)

So shaking away I sat while he pinched and pulled at my nape until he found the best area for it to sit. He cleaned the area and then asked me to choose where I wanted it done.

I ended up choosing to get the right side done 1st. He marked me up and then asked me to lie down and take some deep breaths. My brain was prepping me for the pain and when he finally used the dermal punch I didn't even feel it!!

After a few seconds of pushing and massaging my new baby was in!

He cleaned me up and taped it down for me, Telling me that I should tape it down night and day for 3 weeks and then only at night for a while longer. He also asked if I could come back in 3 weeks so he could check how it was doing.

Now I'm a nosey kind of gal so after it was all done and I was more relaxed and started quizzing Chris about how it all worked and could I see what he used to do this on me..

He showed me the tools and described how they worked which was really nice of him

So it's nearly a week later and I keep it taped down for some of the day and all night, as my skin hates the sticky plasters! It seems to the settling well and the skin around it is getting better. I do however sometimes feel my collar on my coat rub it, which is very annoying.

My new baby is fine and in about 48 hours I'm off the see Chris to get the 2nd one done!!!

So to Sum it all up...Micros for me are the way forward.!!!!!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 04 March 2008
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Chris
Studio: Old+London+Road+Tattoo
Location: Kingston+upon+thames

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