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two more pieces of metal

I have wanted to get microdermals since I can remember seeing the first few pictures to be posted on bme. I loved the simplicity and beauty of a single-point piercing. Not until last week was I able to actually get one. My friend and piercer AJ who works at Twisted Visions had gone to a convention and learned how to pierce microdermals and all that stuff on the weekend. The next day I figured he could use some practice, and I was one-hundred percent comfortable with being the test dummy for him.

AJ told me he would come in on his day off so he could do it, which was very sweet to say the least, so I got to the shop around 9pm, and was very excited since I had been waiting forever to finally get this done. I got there and everything had just been put into the autoclave so we had some time to kill. But finally it was ready. I had decided to get the first one on my sternum between my boobs, but a little lower than most get. He took his time marking the exact spot, because we both did not want it to be sideways. Other people working at the shop checked out the mark just to make sure. AJ got everything ready and I laid down on the table. My friend was with me and I she was definitely freaking out more than I was.

AJ told me he was going to be doing the needle method, since this was only the second one he had done, the first one he had used the dermal punch method, and was trying to figure out what he liked better. He pinched my skin, which was hard since apparently I don't have a lot of extra skin in that area, so that hurt more than the piercing did. He explained what he was doing with the needle the entire time has he pierced and kept asking me how I felt. The initial down piercing didn't hurt at all; it was just more of a pressure feeling. Getting the actual anchor in took some maneuvering. The first time it was not sitting right so AJ poked the needle back in, it didn't hurt at all, and he cleaned out the hole a little more. This time putting in the anchor I could feel the 'pop' that people talk about, and it was in. AJ applied pressure and sort of massaged the jewelry into place. There was basically no blood at all, and once it was in, it really did not hurt one bit.

I was absolutely in love with my new microdermal that two days later I decided to go back because I wanted another. However this time I was not really sure where I wanted it, I just knew that I wanted another. After some debating with AJ and the other people at the shop I decided on getting another one right below my bellybutton. It would give the effect of looking like I have a lower navel piercing, but with a closer look people would be able to tell that its not an actual naval piercing.

AJ went back to set things up then I was called back and he began the task of marking. After a few tries we both agreed on one. AJ then told me he was going to be doing the dermal punch method, which honestly freaked me out a little more than the needle method, but then again, I am the test dummy. I laid back on the table and he pinched my skin, told me to take the standard three breaths in and out and on the last one to let it out really slow and while letting out the air it felt like my skin was on fire for a good ten seconds, then once the top few layers of skin are pierced, there is no feeling, but I could feel the twisting on the dermal punch. Then it was time for the anchor. This time the anchor went in extremely easy and I again heard that 'pop' feeling when the anchor was all the way in. While initially the dermal anchor hurt more, the overall process was much easier and faster. AJ cleaned me up; this one bled a lot more, but once it stopped and I looked in the mirror I absolutely loved it. It lined up perfectly with the anchor on my sternum and my naval piercing.

It's been one week and my sternum anchor is completely pain free, no swelling, no crusties (never were!). The lower naval one is still slightly sore but is lying completely flat and I could not be happier with both of them. These were the two of the easiest piercings I've ever had, and for being the first few AJ had ever done, they turned out damn good!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Feb. 2008
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: AJ+Goldman
Studio: Twisted+Visions
Location: clementon%2C+NJ

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