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Beautiful nape (

I have always had a fascination with body piercings and got my first one done, my tongue, when I was fourteen years old. I had thought about getting a surface piercing first of all when I turned seventeen, but had heard stories of rejection and didn't want to be left with a big scar to show for it, so I decided against it. But a few months ago I saw a guy in the street with a nape piercing which I had never seen before, I thought it looked amazing so I decided to find out more about it. I researched it and decided to go through with it because I just loved the look of it and I was always up for getting another piercing.      
I got the money together and after two weeks of changing my mind about the whole thing I decided to go through with it. I went into town and brought my boyfriend along for support and so he could try and keep me calm before I got it done. We went into the piercing studio and I stalled for a bit pacing up and down "looking" at the things in the shop, I was getting really nervous and was worried about how much it would hurt. Finally I went down the stairs and said to my piercer, Fiona, what I would like done. She took a look at my neck and explained the chance of rejection with nape piercings and that it was nothing to worry about but if it did start to reject I would just have to take it out to avoid scarring. After hearing this I felt slightly more at ease and waited outside filling in the form while she prepared to pierce my neck. The time that she took to prepare for me getting it done felt like an age, when really it was two minutes, I was getting really nervous again and was having second thoughts. 
My boyfriend finally persuaded me that it was okay and I would regret it if I didn't have it done, so Fiona lead me into the room I had become very familiar with over the last couple of months. She showed me the bar she was going to be using in my neck; it was a straight bendy body bar with silver balls at either end. It looked huge, so I tensed up again and started asking lots of questions, like would it hurt and how would I clean it and such like. After a good while of talking about how she was going to pierce it I lay face down on the piercing chair and held my breath, I was told to relax and put my arms by my side, which I did. I was expecting to be waiting a while until she marked out the purple dots and show me where I was going to be pierced. But it only took a minute and before I knew it I was happy with the position and lying back down waiting for it to be over.  
I don't have a particularly high pain threshold but after all of the piercings I had gotten done before hand I hadn't been put off as of yet. I had a feeling this one would be the last one for a while at least. I closed my eyes tight as Fiona asked if I was ready, I squeaked out a "yes" and felt her pinch the back of my neck to lift it to get the needle through. As soon as I knew it I could feel the needle go through my skin, a sharp pain but nothing too bad, as it went out the other side I whimpered slightly as it hurt more than it did going in. Before I knew it was over and done with and I was good to go.  
I sat up slowly after having it done, as I was scared of how it would feel to move my neck. Fiona let me see the piercing before she put a bandage over it. It looked amazing! I was so pleased that I had got it done, I was told to take off the plaster once I got home and to make sure I bathed my new nape in salt water and was careful that I didn't catch it on any clothing. The next week or so it was slightly painful but nothing too bad, it is pretty hard to clean so I suggest if you are thinking of getting it done you get a helping hand with the cleaning to make sure its done properlyJ. I've now have it done for 4 months and so far so good, it looks completely healed and I just hope it doesn't reject any time soon because it is probably my favourite piercing out of them all. I would recommend it to anyone who wants one, but make sure you go to a piercer who you trust and who will talk it over with you before hand.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Feb. 2008
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: fiona
Studio: land+ahoy
Location: glasgow

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