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Microdermals, the love of my life

Originally I wanted surface bars down my chest and belly. I kept thinking about them and knew they would reject. I attempted to do one myself, and it rejected right away. It seemed like I wouldn't be able to have my buttons. Last spring I found out about microdermals, and, though they're still "experimental," I decided that was the way to go.

I attempted to find a place that would do them in Spokane, WA. No one would do it because it was "too risky." I tried to convince some people to test it on me, but no one would. I even read about the procedure and considered doing it myself.

Last January I found a piercer through myspace, ironically enough. He was new to Spokane from L.A. He had done microdermals several times before, so I thought it was worth a chance.

I tried to think of how I wanted them. It was between a row under my breasts, like an underwire, or just straight down like buttons. Larry, the piercer, suggested not to do the "underwire" one, since it would rub on everything making it harder to heal. I took a look at my boobs and realized they're slightly off, so it would have been hard to make it symmetrical.

With a bagel in my tummy and a orange mountain dew in my fist, I was ready to be pierced. I did have to wait for him to prep, which seemed to take forever. After the autoclave finished cleaning something, he called me back and shut the curtains.

A ruler and blue pen were used to make my markings. It took him several tries to make it perfect, which helped relieve my need for perfection. He wiped me off and lubed up the needles. I begged for him not to use the dermal punch, for it seems scary. He told me it would be more precise with it, but he'll try his hardest to just use needles.

The first needle was terrible. He shoved it in, then wiggled it around to make a pouch. Then it was time to shove the microdermal in. It was a weird sensation. The longer portion went into the pouch, then it felt like it "popped" into place when he put pressure on it.

The second one went fast; the third one took him a while, and I think he had to use his whole body weight to get it to pop in. By the fourth one I was about ready to wimp out. And number five was a terrible. He had to poke with the needle like a million times and it seemed like he had to hammer the microdermal in. (That might be a slight exaggeration.)

I remember whining and saying, "I'll just have four, that's okay. I don't need this one..." And he pretty much ignored me, which was good.

Once it was done, I stood up and received a slight head rush from getting up too fast. And then I saw my true love-- my beautiful mircos lined up down my chest. It was glorious.

With tape and paper towels, he covered me up and sent me on my way. I was told to bandage them and keep them flat for two to three days, use antibacterial soap to clean, and don't pick at them!

I like to pick. Luckily there weren't many crusties on my "babies." I kept them flat with bandaids for three days. I also put bandaids on the middle one when I wear a bra. So far they've been awesome. It does hurt like a mo-fo when my cats decide to jump on them, but nothing else.

I've had them for two weeks and will get them changed from what look like screws to sparkles. I love them. I'm just slightly afraid if I ever have to get an MRI, though it would be kind of neat to see them ripped out in seconds... maybe.

So far this has been my best piercing ever. No angry crusties, little pain, and it looks hot. My boyfriend likes how it feels on his chest. We're dorks.

I love my microdermals and would recommend them to anyone who wants a surface piercing but more permanent. Make sure you have a great piercer who knows what they're doing. (Like Larry Shepard from The Missing Piece) Hopefully you'll love getting them, too!

Random addition to this piece:

If you do get these, be careful of using those spongy things in the shower. It snagged on one of my micros and I almost teared up. Needless to say, that item is in a dumpster somewhere. Also, I've watched several videos on the procedure. Many piercers don't put them in with the tops on. They put the base in, then screw in the tops. Larry had the tops screwed in tight and put them in with the tops on. It went a heck of a lot faster then some of the videos I've seen.

So there you go, I love my microdermals and plan to get more. They were the easiest piercing to heal and the coolest looking. (They went smoother than my navel piercing.) Hopefully I have enough words now, and, hopefully, I have convinced millions to get microdermals done so they go down in price!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 14 Feb. 2008
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Larry+Shepard
Studio: The+Missing+Piece
Location: Spokane%2C+WA

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