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piercing my shaft, from the head to the base

For the longest time, I have seen pictures of people piercing their dick from top to bottom, etc. Don't think I've ever seen what I've done and will do again. Which is to stick the needle down the shaft from the head.

There are already pictures on the site from where I used a pump with 5 small insulin needles mounted within. I have since used 22ga needles 1 1/2 inches long. Will buy some spinal needles soon.

The thought of doing something which is looked down on by 99.9% of the people in the world is certainly ego eccentric.. Sexy, of course. The rush is so intense. But the main attraction is to be unique. Any guy can pierce from bottom to top, side to side. But to pierce lengthwise is truly orgasmic.

For now I'll tell you about how I did the piercing with the

attached pump. First, I made a base plate, just the right size to fit in the pump.K, that accomplished, I then glued five 1/2in insulin needles to the plate, spread evenly around the plate. After the glue had hardened, I inserted the plate into the pump.

Looked at the contraption, and thought. Am I really going to do this. Of course, I was and did. The anticipation was killing me. So I put my soft dick into the pump and started squeezing the bulb. Sure didn't go for it all in one step. When the head of my dick started to touch the needles, I took a deep breath and squeezed the bulb twice more. Darn, the needles didn't go in.........So much for the anticipation. Thought about it some more and said to myself. Just DO IT. So I did, by squeezing the bulb about 4 times rapidly. OH YEA, that did it. The needles started to slide right in. The rush was so intense, I nearly passed out.

By now the needles were in about 1/4in. The thick plastic of the pump, didn't allow me a real good view of the needles going in, so I knew I had to complete the pumping. The plate with needles attached, would come out of the pump, I knew. So 6 rapid squeezes of the pump had the needles, up to their hilt. I then released

the valve and slid my, now hard dick, out. Have to say, the sight and thought of those needles in my dick, was truly outstanding. I knew I had done something that few, if any one, had ever done before.

Attached to my dick was a base plate with 5 needles, 1/2 in in length. No bleeding yet, as the plate and epoxy kept the blood from flowing. So, now the problem. How to detach the needles without excessive bleeding!!!!!!!What I did, was to use surgical tubing to put a tourniquet around my dick. Left it on for about 3 minutes, for blood flow. Then took ahold of the base plate and SLOWLY pulled out the needles. Loved the feeling.

Since, I have graduated to bigger needles, longer and more invasive. The first step was to 25ga, 1 inch long. I no longer war hesitant about doing this, so I didn't use the pump. Now I was inserting them, by using a syringe with them mounted on it. This kept the blood from flowing. Loved the rush of hormones and the thought of doing this to myself.

OK, now let me tell you about the feelings of the longer needles going into the shaft. The small 1/2in insulin needles only penetrated the head of my dick. The longer 1 inch needles, would penetrate into the shaft. The first needle, which was inserted, certainly, gave a different feeling. After penetrating the skin, of my dick head, there was very little feeling of my flesh being penetrated. Well, at least there wasn't till the tip of the needle got into the shaft. DAMN, that stings. But it was a good sting, if you get my meaning. The rush was certainly intense. Now for the second needle. This time, instead of slowly inserting it, I determined to go for it all at one time. Boy, did I almost come out of my chair. THAT fucking hurt. At least for a few seconds, but then, this glorious felling started to enter my body. It engulfed me with feelings I had never felt.

I will never stop doing this, I thought. Have been piercing my dick, play and with jewelery for over 20 years. But this is the most fun, I've ever experienced. I have since graduated to the largest, longest needles available locally. 18ga, 1 1/2 inches in length. The rush is still increasing. I really can't wait till I can afford the spinal needles from BME shop. I don't know how long they are, but if they can transfix two breasts on a female, or both balls of a male, they must be long enough to invade the length of my 7 1/2 inch dick. I look forward to the DAY they arrive.

OK, I have to say this. This could be dangerous. You should only attempt it , if you have a proper knowledge of human biology, have sterile equipment, and have the will to do so.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 31 Jan. 2008
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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