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Nape, nape, napeeeee

After scouring the Internet for absolutely months, I was still unsure on what surface piercing to go for. Eventually, after watching countless amounts of videos on Youtube, I decided to get my Nape (back of neck) pierced. I'd heard a lot about the piercing and how if it goes wrong, you can get 'paralysed' which I later heard from my piercer that this is actually complete bollocks. Seeing, as that's pretty much impossible because the nerves are situated under the spine, on the 1st April 2007 I went to get my piercing done.

I was only slightly nervous, but I was so excited I didn't show much fear. I'm pretty much into piercing a hell of a lot and at the time I was thinking of getting my nape done I don't actually remember how many piercings I already had. I was given the option whether or not to have it frozen, and it was recommended to, as it sometimes is quite a tender one to endure. Going along with her recommendation the course of action began.

To be really honest, I was actually expecting great pain, but in fact it sounds worse that it actually is. The shop, which I go to, is mint and it's one of the cleanest studios around. I've had many piercing done there so I completely trusted them with this one.

After waiting for around five minutes in the waiting area, I was called in. We talked through it and the girl who was going to be doing my piercing had her Nape done too, therefore she showed me what hers look like. It had been in for two years she said and it looked absolutely fine, except it was a little red near to the openings. She did the piercing herself so I had complete trust in her.

The clamp was a little uncomfortable (as always) then I felt the entrance, then forceful motion of it going through the skin. My piercer was pushing it for a good fifteen seconds or so, before it exited the other side and I was pleased to be informed that it'd been done successfully. There was no blood at all, but one of my best mates (who was watching) told me the skin around the area went pretty much a pale blue colour. I didn't feel the entrance of the bar at all, and as my piercer slid the needle out, it was a little uncomfortable, yet nothing major.

In my opinion, my nape's the best piercing I've ever had. It's very rare that I catch it on my clothes or hair and 99% of the time, I don't even realise it's there. Aftercare is really easy, and most might think 'it's hard to see and reach, with it being on your neck' but it really is dead straightforward to do. A bit of salt water, applied with a cotton bud twice a day did the trick for me, and there's never any need of savlon or surgical spirits, etc... It was a fast healer and is still sitting perfectly in my neck, after nine months of it being done. Everyday it tends to change, for example some days it will be a little loose than others, and then some days it will sit perfectly. The original jewellery I had it pierced with was a metal barbell surface bar, but I've recently had it changed to a plastic one due to it forming little bits of crust on the bar. Occasionally in the mornings (when I used to have long hair, this is) I did used to find bits of my hair entwined in the skin, but it was never a problem to get rid of. It literally was just a case of easing it out with my hand and it'd be sorted. Since having the plastic one inserted it seems to be better, but I would still say I recommend having it pierced in the first place with a steel barbell, then get it changed after a few months. One of the only problems I have faced with the piercing is one month a spot appeared over where the bar was placed. It was slightly sore but nothing I couldn't handle, and it went away after about a week. Unfortunately a week or so after, I developed another spot in a similar position, but again it went after around 4 or five days and was nothing to worry about. The piercing itself looks sexy and everyone comments it. Even standing in a queue in ASDA, I still get the occasional 'OH MY GOD WHAT'S THAT IN YOUR NECK?' comment, but it always seems to go down well. It's such an uncommon piercing, unlike a lip for example (which I refuse to get)

Finally I hope I haven't bored you with this (N) and I do highly recommend anyone thinking of getting it done to go for it (Y)


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on: 31 Jan. 2008
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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