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My New Microdermal

This is the story of my experience with getting a microdermal on my cheekbone. My friend Stephanie wanted to go get her tongue pierced and I offered to go with her as I have mine done and thought I could offer her some support. This was perfect timing for me as I had recently gotten "the itch" and knew if I didn't get a new piercing soon I would die of boredom. I quickly searched BME and google to try and find a good studio near Waterloo, where Steph and I both go to university. I found Thrive Studios and the owner and piercer , Jesse Villemaire, through an experience on BME. I checked out the Thrive Studios website and was very impressed and quickly decided this would be where we were going. It was in Cambridge which is at least an hour bus ride away but I knew that the trek would be worth it.

When we walked into Thrive, we were both very impressed by how clean and beautiful the shop front was. The receptionist gave us some very extensive forms to fill out which also impressed me. I knew that they were actually being very responsible and making sure that their customers were of age and everything, which put me at ease.

We waited a couple minutes until Jesse had finished up with another customer and while we were waiting we looked at the very nice selection of jewelry and I picked out some new 00g jeweled plugs I wanted. When Jesse was done we headed into the piercing room. He gave us both a brief but thorough talk on the shop's sterilization practices and also on the aftercare regime Steph would have to use for her tongue. Steph had her appointment booked before mine so Jesse did her tongue first. It was over very quickly and I must say it looked amazing on her.

After Steph hopped off the chair, we switched places and Jesse started examining me for the venoms I had originally wanted in my tongue. He quickly concluded that it wouldn't work out since my tongue is so abnormally thick. We then went through a few other piercings I had been considering. I eventually decided on getting a microdermal on my cheekbone by my eye.

He prepped me by cleaning off my face and my makeup in that area. Then he placed a few dots to see where the best placement would be. He had me scrunch up my face so that it wouldn't be placed in one of the natural lines by my eyes. I liked the first dot he placed even though it wasn't where I expected it to be. He showed me how it followed the line of my eye and when I heard his explanation it seemed that it was in the perfect spot.

The actual piercing consisted of a 12 gauge dermal punch. Jesse pinched my skin up and quickly did the punch. It just felt like a hot burning, definitely not an unbearable sort of pain. Then I started to bleed a lot so we just put pressure on the spot for 5 or so minutes. After that Jesse made a pocket for the microdermal using a taper, which really didn't hurt at all, and he slipped the actual jewelry in very quickly and screwed on the top piece (a clear gem that is flush to my skin). The whole process minus the waiting for the bleeding to stop only took about 10 seconds.

Just to give you a pain comparison, after he had cleaned me up he also did a quick stretch on my ear from a 0 to a 00. I must say that hurt quite a bit more than the microdermal had.

It's been about 5 days since the piercing and my only problem has been that it gave me a black eye that's slowly going away. I've been doing saline soaks twice a day and other than that I've just been making sure to keep makeup out of it and trying not to hit it by mistake. The first three nights I used some little round bandages that Jesse gave me to make sure it didn't move while I was sleeping. Those first couple days I woke up with a bit of dried blood around the jewelry, but that's to be expected since the punch (12 gauge) was bigger than the jewelry (which was 14 gauge) to allow for some swelling. A bit of ibuprofen during the first couple days also helped with the swelling and bruising.

If anyone is in the Cambridge area and wants any piercing work done, I highly recommend Thrive Studios and Jesse. The whole experience was very quick and enjoyable and Jesse was extremely professional and knowledgeable. I couldn't be happier with my new addition !


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 31 Jan. 2008
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Jesse+Villemaire
Studio: Thrive+Studios
Location: Cambridge%2C+Ontario

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