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Dermal Anchor

On saturday the 12th of January 2007, I went to Emily's Dangly Bits in Stourbridge with some mates, wanting a new piercing but REALLY not wanting to spend a lot of money. While we were decided what to have pierced, they mentioned Dermal anchors, and I'd heard about them in Oasis, Birmingham (who, Incidentally are great piercers, and I've loved going there for most of mine :D) the cost at Oasis, I was told, was £50 per anchor, which is REALLY expensive, for someone on a 16 year old's budget.

I asked how much they were charging at Emily's & its only £30 PER ANCHOR! DIRT CHEAP! After hearing that, I couldn't say no. So I payed, and filled in a form, and off we went into the room. I was pretty scared, which seems dumb because I had my septum pierced, un-numbed, as my first ever needle piercing, in a really dirty place, because I was underage at the time. It hurt a lot :) Anyway, I was nervous because I'd never seen one done or anything, and wasn't entirely sure what they actually did to get the anchor in.

We all spent absolutely ages trying to decide whether to have the dermals or not, because we were just really un-nerved at the prospect of not knowing what it felt like, but in the end we decided I would go first, and tell the other two how it was.

It was quite a weird experience really, not quite like a piercing. The small cuts she made didn't hurt at all, and Anita was really nice, so I was a bit less scared, and my friend was there watching & holding my hand (because he was having his dermal next, above his pubes, he said it hurt like a bitch) and then she was putting the anchor in, this was...uncomfortable, really uncomfortable, because she had to 'tug and pull' a lot to get the anchor under my skin. In no time at all, it was done, it looks great, and I actually love it.

My other friend had his nape done with a dermal, which I am jealous of, because i have a regular surface there, which will grow out&scar :(

When my friend has his dermal just above his pubes, we had to go to mcdonalds first, because he needed to 'prepare' for it. It seems he's quite popular at Emily's, which was real good, because it was easy to chat to the people there :) When he had his dermal, he seemed to be in quite a bit more pain, according to Anita, the skin there is tighter, so there was a fair bit of tugging and pulling to get the anchor in.

Before we had anything done, we were asked to take off shoes&jackets, and lie down on the bed, and she put her gloves on, and then cleaned off the place where we wanted them. She then gave us an ice pack, to hold on, to really freeze off the area. We were then shown what Anita would be using, which was really good. She then marked it, and asked if it was okay, and that was where we wanted it. Then she froze it with the spray, and she got on with it.

The whole thing was really clean and well done, and got a plaster after, because didn't want it rubbing on the clothing.

The nape dermal actually bled A LOT considering, but apparently it didn't hurt at all.

We were told to clean around the edges, be careful not to knock them until they've settled (as they can come out) and when we're cleaning them, to pinch the skin around it and push the dermal down a bit, this will settle it. I'm going back in two weeks to ask them to have a little look, and tell me if its settled. We were obviously given aftercare leaflets, so its all good so far :)

Emily's have great service, and GREAT prices, and its SO convenient to get to, also the opening hours are pretty sic ;)

They offer an aftercare service, so we can go back anytime to have the dermals checked, which is real good, because they know more about it than we do.

So if you're in the area, its worth a try, i'm really pleased with mine :)

We'll definitely be going back for more dermals! as soon as the funds are up.

The only reason I haven't used Emily's for all my piercings is because I had a normal earlobe piercing done above my flesh plug, and all was well, but then it started to go bad. I now think that this was due to myself not cleaning it enough, and carrying on stretching before it piercing hole was established, and the butterfly constantly hitting off the tunnel. But having my Dermal has turned me, I can't wait to go back&have more done :) its great.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 31 Jan. 2008
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Anita
Studio: Emily%27s+Dangley+Bits
Location: Stourbridge%2C+UK

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