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Another microdermal story.

Microdermals underneath my collarbones interested me as soon as I saw the article on BME. I'd dismissed the idea of surface piercings there because the inevitable rejection wasn't particularly appealing - and due to how I sleep and how much I'd knock them, I was certain it wouldn't work out for more than a few uncomfortable months. So, microdermals seemed like the perfect solution. I didn't go into this expecting to keep them forever though.

I waited for a few months to make sure I really wanted them, during which Holier Than Thou began to offer them to customers and developed a large portfolio of microdermals in various placements. Once I felt comfortable with the idea, I was off.

Fast-forward to January 12th, 2008, where I met a bunch of people at Holier Than Thou for a forum meet (yes, we are geeks!). They must've made a fortune off us that day, haha. Thanks to my wonderful discount card for being an IAM member, they cost about £59 for the pair, with Industrial Strength disc anchors. Marcus was my piercer (who is absolutely lovely, I recommend him to everyone) and he spent a good while marking, checking, rechecking and adjusting until I was happy with the placement.

I lay down and he made the first incision, using a 10g (I think - could've been 12g) needle. It was probably the most painful modification I've had so far, mainly because it lasted longer. It felt different to a regular piercing too, much more stingy. The first one didn't bleed all that much, and apparently I have good skin - surprising, as I'm one of the most unhealthy people I know! I had a minutes break between the first and second. The second one was slightly more painful, and bled more.

I was very pleased with them afterwards, although a bit annoyed with myself for forgetting to take a photo straight away! Marcus put little bandages over each one so my jacket didn't rub on them, and told me to take them off in a few hours. For aftercare, he said to mainly just rinse in the shower, and suggested using dental floss once it's settled down properly if I needed to get any crusties out from underneath.

Update: the first few days...

The first shower I had was quite strange - when I took my bra off, I could feel the pull on the microdermals and I found it really odd, so I wore my bikini top in the shower. Felt a bit silly though! One of them bled a little after I showered, but only the tiniest bit.

Two days later, I used the tip of a 14g taper to ease a bit of dried blood out from underneath one of the discs. It worked pretty well, much easier than trying to use a q-tip. Apart from that I'm just leaving it alone though, I was just worried the dried blood was pushing the disc up too much.

Three days on, and the bruising has really come out now. I'm very pale skinned and bruise easily so I was expecting it, although I've never seen bruises this bad from microdermals! I've been sleeping with tiny plasters on that I get off in the shower in the morning (so they don't pull when they come off), which seems to be helping them to sit more level.

Update: week & a half later...

To be honest, I first thought that it was fairly likely I'd find them irritating in some way, especially when I'm sleeping and especially in the first week. However, they already seem to have settled down really well! The bruising is all gone, and there's no pain at all. I can feel a slight twinge when I move one of my arms a certain way when I'm lying down, but I really don't think it's anything to worry about. They do seem to be sitting a slight angle but I think it's because they're quite close to the bone, and I'm not going to worry yet. There's also no redness to indicate that them sitting at an angle is pushing the foot against my skin. There's been no bleeding or anything since the first day, and no crusties either, compared to what I'm used to with most piercings. I tried to sleep on my back to begin with but after about 4 days I found it completely comfortable to sleep curled up on my side, like usual. I'm still sleeping with a bra on though, but I'll probably stop that soon too. Thankfully, it's very easy for me to pop back into Holier Than Thou if I do have a problem. Most people seem to find them quite nice, or 'interesting' at least. Surprisingly, even my mom likes them, although she wasn't sure at first! My boyfriend also likes them, and will be getting some of his own soon. So far, so good! I'll definitely be getting more - next up, one on each wrist. (any further updates & photos will be posted to my IAM, if you're interested!)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 31 Jan. 2008
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Marcus
Studio: Holier+Than+Thou
Location: Manchester

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