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The Madison. My Journey…and its’ end.

About four months ago now I made the decision to embark on my surface piercing journey. I deliberated over which piercing to get and why, finally settling on one that I've always loved the look of, ever since first seeing it on BMEzine. My poison? The Madison.

After thoroughly researching all aspects of this awesome piercing, the how and why, what to use and the freakishly high rate of rejecting I decided to go through with it. Completely accepting that it really isn't a "forever" piercing.

So off I went to my usual shop, in all honesty not completely stress free. Being my first surface piercing I was more nervous than usual before getting pierced. That being said, I'm never nervous before a piercing and generally don't flinch at all throughout the process but alas here I was having a last minute, nerve calming smoke really freaking out. I was chatting to my girlfriend about how I was feeling and she told me to "Stop being a pussy and hurry up!" Naturally I told her to fuck off; I was fine, all the time wiping the sweat off my brow. After about five minutes of my "I'm just having the last drag now!" nonsense she walked downstairs into the shop knowing I wouldn't be far behind. Sure enough I wasn't.

I chatted to my piercer for a good ten minutes about the type of jewellery we were going to use and if I was fully aware that it's not a forever piercing and so on and so forth until we were both happy with what was going on. So off I went.

The smell of a piercing room gets my adrenalin pumping and sure enough this was never going to be any different. He (the piercer) spent a good while marking me up to get the best possible placement and told me to lie down. Up goes the adrenalin, here we go.

I was genuinely surprised at how little it hurt being done, making an exception for the fact that the jewellery was 12ga and he pierced me with a 14ga needle, so it didn't tickle when that went through, overall a fairly pain free procedure. Afterwards while I was parting with my cash (well deserved on his behalf) he reminded me that if it doesn't settle down then I would be better cutting my losses and taking it out before it really started rejecting. All the advice on board I headed home to admire and I admit show off my latest acquisition.

I walked out of the studio as I always do high on endorphins. And I love it. Catching a glance of myself here and there in the reflections of a shops window, or even in the look of shock in a disapproving mothers eye (that one's my favourite). Perth is a relatively conservative city and one that doesn't particularly embrace an alternative culture of any kind (well not that I've found) so it was piercing that is quite unusual. So there were many a stare in my direction.

Anyhow, to my tribulations. After loving and caring for my much loved Madison for near on four months I made the decision last night to take it out. After four months of intensive care and nurturing it just hadn't settled. There was still a fair bit of crusty goodness at the end of each day and the slightest knock would upset it greatly. I had held off giving it just one more week hoping that it would come good but to no avail. The thing that made up my mind for me was the ooze that came out of it whilst I was going about my nightly clean.

I was moving the jewellery to one side and as I did a nice, healthy sized river of blood and gunk came flowing out. Much to my surprise and disgust, it didn't stop. I cleaned it up and went downstairs to discuss the problem with my girlfriend. From the time it took to get from our bathroom upstairs to the lounge room downstairs (all of thirty seconds) I had a nice little stream of blood flowing down my chest and on into the depths of my cleavage. Charming. Needless to say, much to my disappointment, I bit the bullet and took it out.

The jewellery was really difficult to remove, considering all the liquid that was lubricating it, and I really struggled getting it out. As soon as I did a solid (rock solid, kind of like the feeling of cartilage) lump came up behind the tunnel left from the piercing. As I examined it (Note: throughout the whole removal and cleaning of the piercing I used absolutely sterile equipment and tools. In the form of sterile irrigation solution, sterile gauze and a sterile field dressing pack, with hand disinfectant/antibacterial) and placed a slight amount of pressure on it I felt a "pop". Out came more blood, this time with pus and blood clots. After a few times of that happening the liquid ran clear and I thoroughly irrigated the wound. Dressing it afterwards with my trusty sterile gauze and breathable tape.

After the night of wearing the dressing I removed it for the duration of work today, allowing it to breathe. I came home and cleaned it again. Much to my delight while it's still quite solid, no blood. Hurrah!

I miss my Madison so very much and as soon as it settles down, I'm getting micro-dermals!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 24 Jan. 2008
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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