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The best thing I've ever done with my body - Cleavage Bar

About five or six months ago, I started looking through some pictures on BME, looking for a piercing that would work for me. I needed something somewhat discrete so that it could be hidden for work, but I could still show it off when I wasn't at work. I was also a bit worried about what my parents would say, but I figured if they didn't agree with it, I'd just keep it covered so they wouldn't have to look at it.

In all my searching, I came across the cleavage bar. I saw it and I knew that it was the piercing I wanted. At first I was somewhat skeptical because I wasn't sure if there was any place around here that did surface piercings. I was also a little fearful of the pain. I have absolutely no pain tolerance, so I wanted to make sure that I knew what I was getting into.

Over the next couple of months, I did as much research on surface piercings and cleavage bars as I could. I read the stories on here and looked through the BME encyclopedia and other random sites to find out everything I could. I didn't want to go into it blindly and have it end up failing.

When I was finally sure about getting it, I confronted my mom about the subject.

"Hey mom. I have a question for you."


"How do you feel about piercings you can't see?"

"...What do you mean?"

"No nipples or...anything like that. This is a bit different."

"Okay, well what is it?"

"A cleavage bar."

"What's that."

I pointed to my cleavage and explained to her what a cleavage bar was, then showed her some pictures of it on here.

"I dunno. But, it's your body and you're almost twenty years old. Just make sure you know what you're doing."

"I know."

The conversation was left at that for a while, probably about a month. But, I kept oogling all the cleavage bars, wanting one myself. So, finally, on January 2nd (Today is January 6th) I called the only place I knew of that did piercings; Ink Addiction, and asked them if they did surface piercings. They said they did, said it would be $65 and that included the bar. I asked them what kind of bar they used and the guy told me they used PTFE, which is a flexible type plastic.

I wanted to go that night to get it done, but I wanted my boyfriend there and he didn't get off work until they were already closed.

The next day, a Thursday, we went up to Ink Addiction before he had to go to work. We walked in, told the guy what we wanted and I signed the proper papers, showed the woman at the counter my ID, etc. etc. The normal ritual for piercings. She told us it would be a short weight because the piercer, Trevor was with someone else doing a piercing and then a small tattoo. So, we had to play the waiting game.

We sat there for about an hour, talking to the woman and the other guy that was there about piercings, tattoos, the normal things to talk about in a tattoo parlor.

We finally saw the guy come out of the room and my heart instantly started skipping beats. I had been calm up until then, but I knew that my time was finally coming up. Butterflies aren't even enough to describe what was floating around in my stomach.

Now, I have had piercings before; I got my lip pierced a while back, but I ended up taking it out. My parents always gave me dirty looks about it and I was sick of hearing them complain about it.

But this piercing was definitely different. I knew that no matter what anyone said, no matter what looks I got for it...nothing would make me get rid of it.

We went into the room and we stood there for a minute while Trevor got set up. He finally had me show him where I wanted the bottom ball to be at and I decided on right at the top of my cleavage. Well, right at the top of my breasts, so that the ball wouldn't really get squished by them and it wouldn't be too high up. While he was marking me, I was asking him some questions about the PTFE and he told me that every cleavage bar he's done, they've never rejected and as far as he knows, everyone has been happy with them. And he's been doing this for over 15 years. That eased some of my fears.

He marked me and I laid on the doctors-office looking bed and he got the needle and jewelry ready. My boyfriend was standing right at my head, watching. He was also on the phone with his mom at the time.

Trevor told me to take three deep breaths and halfway through the second one, he stuck the needle through. Now, from all the reading I'd done, I thought this would be a piece of cake. 95% of the stories I'd read, people said that it didn't hurt that badly. It was mostly just 'pressure' on their chests. Maybe I'm just a wuss, but I think it hurt like Hell. Not enough to bring me to tears, but I ended up gripping the paper on the bed and ripping it and I was breathing as if I were going into labor. Throughout the entire process though, I kept thinking, "It's worth it, it's worth it, it's worth it."

There was pressure, but I felt the pain more so than I did the pressure. And the two didn't seem to happen at the same time. Sometimes there was pain, sometimes pressure.

When he finally finished, I laid on the bed for a second, trying to relax myself. I couldn't watch throughout the process because I think I would've been sick. I'm not a big fan of needles. Trevor joked with me about taking the skin from the needle home as a souvenir. No thanks!

I finally stood up and looked in the mirror. The memories of the pain instantly faded away. The best way I could describe it is the way I explained it to a friend of mine. It's like when a woman has a baby and she's feeling all of this pain until she finally sees her baby. She's so overwhelmed with her new baby that she forgets about the pain. That's how I felt.

He explained to me about aftercare and told me to use Bactine on it or the Xpressions spray stuff that they sold there. So, we said our goodbyes and left. I later went to the drugstore and bought the Bactine. I didn't want to use the Xpressions spray because I think it is more of an irritant for me. I didn't really like it when I used it on my lip.

So, it's now the 6th and I am still very happy with my piercing. I was going to hide it from my dad, but I ended up showing him and he thought it was kind of cool. He's very old-school and old fashioned, so my mom and I assumed he'd be mad at me for getting it. Surprisingly, he was cool about it.

I clean it twice a day with the Bactine and I took a shower last night for the first time since getting it. I'd also read in some of the stories that being braless isn't that comfortable. They were right! I'm not that big chested, but I'm over average, a little I guess. When I took of my bra, I felt like someone had tied a small weight to my chest and it was just hanging there. For most of the time in the shower, I ended up having to... hold myself up, so to speak. The shower did feel good though.

I haven't had any troubles with it...(Gotta go find some wood to knock on now), but knowing that Trevor hasn't had one reject yet makes me feel better. It looks really good. I think my body handled it pretty well too. There was no swelling, hardly any redness, except right after getting it done and I didn't bleed a whole lot. My parents even said that it looks like I've had it forever. People who've asked me about it even comment that it looks really good for just having it done. I got my first dirty look in Wal-Mart the other night too, which made me laugh a little.

I recommend this piercing (and Ink Addiction) to anyone. It hurt, it was kind of expensive, but it was definitely worth every cent and every second of pain. I think if it did reject, I'd wait a while and try again. I plan on getting more piercings in the future at Ink Addiction when I can find something that sparks my interest.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 24 Jan. 2008
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Trevor
Studio: Ink+Addiction
Location: Garden+City%2C+MI

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