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My First Microdermal (and definitely not my last)

I've been interested in body modification for a good few years now; I have various piercings, and more recently (after turning 18) have acquired several tattoos. I recently moved to Chester, and 'The Piercing Bodz' caught my eye. A lot of the piercing places I've visited in the past have been primarily tattoo studios offering piercing on the side. The idea of a piercing-only studio really appealed to me. Like I said, I'd recently moved and wanted to check out as many places as I could before I had another piercing.

I'd been contemplating a surface piercing on my temple for a while. I've had numerous surface piercings before (nape, sternum, wrist) but inevitably, I've had problems with them; only one has healed. On an impulse, I went into the shop to ask about the sort of jewellery they use for surface piercings.

I spoke to Shirley, and she suggested a microdermal. Although I consider myself quite knowledgeable about body modification (piercings, at least) I didn't really know a lot about them. Fortunately, Shirley was really helpful. She showed me the jewellery that was used, gave me some leaflets, and sent me away to think about it.

A few weeks later, I decided to go for it. I initially found the idea of microdermals quite scary; particularly that you can't just remove the jewellery. After mulling it over, I decided I really wanted to go through with it. After all, if I did have to remove the jewellery, the scarring would be minimal in comparison to a surface piercing. I went back to the piercing parlour with a friend, who wanted her tongue web pierced.

I spoke to both Carl and Shirley about several questions I had, mainly in regards to removing the jewellery and healing and so fourth. They were both absolutely lovely and I felt completely at ease – personally, this is a huge factor for me when it comes to picking a piercing parlour. I chose a small jewelled stud (I'm not sure that's quite the right term?) and was asked to take a seat whilst Carl made preparations. I was given some very useful leaflets on the procedure to read, and signed all the necessary forms. By this point, I started to get very excited. I was also a bit nervous; after all, the experience was entirely new to me and I had no idea what to expect.

I entered the piercing room and took a seat on the bed. After cleaning the side of my face, Carl explained that he would make a mark on the area which he thought would look best, and then I could have a look in the mirror and ask him to alter it accordingly. After a few attempts, we found the perfect placement. Carl started to talk to me about the procedure which put me at ease completely. He explained how the jewellery would go in. I stopped being nervous; I was far too excited at the thought of my new body mod.

When I was comfy, Carl pinched the area. He told me to take a deep breath, and I experienced a sharp (but very much bearable pain) as the needle entered. Then the jewellery was put in. Carl told me to expect a lot of pressure and generally a very weird feeling; but before I knew it the piercing was in. I was shocked when I was told it was all over; I was expecting much, much worse!

The piercing (again, I'm not sure that's the right term, heh) bled slightly, but was otherwise fine afterwards. I left the piercing parlour very, very pleased indeed! I was also asked to return in a few weeks in order for Carl to check on the healing and take a picture for the studio's portfolio.

That night, I experienced some discomfort; with the piercing being on one side of my face, I found it really hard to get comfy in order to sleep. I also had a dull aching sensation in one side of my head. But really, everything went smoothly. I experienced some very minor bruising, but I'd been told to expect that. Healing, despite the ache and slight discomfort, was surprisingly easy, and I can certainly tell why microdermals are becoming increasingly popular.

I returned to the piercing parlour after about four weeks. Carl said he was really pleased with the healing. I've recommended the parlour to all of my friends – I've been in a lot of piercing parlours (the good and the bad) and it's certainly my favourite. I intend to get another microdermal at some point, and I will definitely be returning to 'The Body Modz' in order to get it done.

Thanks for reading this; I hope you found it useful. I definitely recommend microdermals; they're surprisingly easy to care for, and can really look amazing. I strongly doubt I will ever resort to surface piercings again!

If anyone has any questions regarding my experience, please feel free to email me.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 24 Jan. 2008
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Carl
Studio: %27The+Piercing+Bodz%27
Location: Chester%2C+UK

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