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My first Corset piercing

I've been piercing for about three years, and have discovered most people only want you to give them a piercing if you can tell them you've done "lots" of that exact piercing before on other people. That makes a lot of since from the point of the person getting pierced, however makes it hard for a newer piercer to learn the more unique procedures. A lot of piercers probably have wives/girlfriends willing to get practiced on, but in my case my wife hates pain and is not a huge piercing fan. Also practicing on ones self can only go so far, such as in this case, anything on the back is out of the question.

I have to say I got lucky when I found someone who was willing to let me "practice" on their body in trade for not charging them for the finished result. I met the person online in a chat room and discovered they lived locally, so about a week later they came by proclaiming their body as "my canvas". They had a list of piercings they would really like to get, and we talked about all them and decided the one that we would both enjoy the most (her to have done and me to do) was the corset. So after a quick trip to the craft store for some ribbons we were ready to get started.

I've always loved the look of corset piercings and put a lot of thought into how they would be done and what would be required. I also did a lot of research on the subject and knew all about them being just for show as with the hoops rejection is inevitable. But I learned so much more doing it firsthand then I could ever learn reading about it, as it is with all new piercings or other body art.

The marking and measuring was easier than I expected and mostly consisted of just a lot of measurements and an eye for straightness. So after cleaning the whole lower back and marking the back up with my purple pen with them in the standing position I was ready to start. I started out with them sitting backwards in my chair and very quickly learned that skin on the back is not nearly as flexible as other places I've don't surface piercings such as the arm. So after thinking how skin on the back moved I figured laying face down would give me more skin to work with. I was right, but just barely. Despite my best efforts there was no way I was going to get my forceps to grip the skin and stay in the right place, all I was doing was leaving scrape marks where the forceps would slide off the tight skin. So with my client's consent I decided to do it "free handed" (without any clamps). This worked surprisingly well, I pinched the skin with my hand and lined up the cork so it was centered with the bottom "dot" of my markings and just aimed the needle to the middle of the cork. I ended up hitting the marks right on, however this skin being really tight meant that it was very painful and my client could only handle one hole at a time with about a 5 to 10 minute break in between them. The upper two were the most painful followed by the middle two, then the bottom ones were "not bad at all". I figured it would be that way because the bottom ones had a lot looser and easier to work with skin.

We were both very pleased with how the whole thing came out with the exception of one ring wasn't quite as deep as all the others so it didn't look right to me, but it being one of the more painful spots we decided not to re-pierce that one. We opted for black and pink ribbons for the pictures. Aside from learning a lot about the piercing it's self I learned a lot about tying ribbons too, as that took me a good 10+ min to get it to look okay.

Even though I am happy with how this one turned out, and the client thought it was the "sexiest thing" they had ever seen, there are a few things I will do differently next time I do such a piercing. I am very excited now to have a corset piercing under my belt and now if someone asks if I've done it before I can say "yes, yes I have". My research has said that if I replaced the hoops with surface barbells that there is a good chance it would heal up pretty well, but the cost of 6 surface barbells was more then they wanted to pay, so this one stays as a temporary show piercing.

Here is what it looked like:


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 24 Jan. 2008
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Location: Cottage+Grove

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