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my surface piercing - What a success!

Ever since the age of about 12 I have always been fascinated at all the beautiful piercings that were available. I can always remember walking down the street and every time I saw someone with large amounts of unusual piercings I would always stare, although they always thought I was being rude.

My parents are absolutely against piercings. On the day before I got my belly button pierced at the age of 13 I thought I had better let my mum know what was going on, I had prepared a little speech in my head on what I was going to tell her, I had mesmerised those line over a hundred times. I finally built up the courage and walked over to my mum ready to confront her. I turned to her with the words practically jumping out of my mouth. I screwed the whole thing up! I was mortified! I ended up telling her something like- Mum I'm getting button. She thought I was talking about my sewing project from school! I didn't end up telling her that day.

About a month after getting my navel done, my mum found out. I was actually surprised how much she didn't care! She even asked me if it hurt!

Although that experience ended up pretty good, I still don't plan on telling my mum about my surface piercing.

About 2 years after my navel piercing (age 15) I decided that my navel wasn't enough and I wanted more! After thinking of what I wanted I finally decided on a surface piercing on my stomach. At first I just wanted a piercing underneath my belly button, but then I was doing some research on the internet and came across a surface piercing on the stomach on the hips. As soon as I saw it I fell in love with it, I didn't want any other piecing before I got that one done. I showed all of my friends to see what they thought about it, Some of them hated it and said I shouldn't get it, and others thought it would look awesome!.

About 2 months later, when I had saved up enough money to get the piercing, I went to the local tattooist. I had all my hopes on getting pierced that day; I had prepared myself mentally and physically. Some of my so called 'friends' were mean stirring me around trying to put me off getting it, telling me it hurts 10 times more then getting my navel- which didn't worry me until someone said it hurts like having a baby!. I know I was stupid for believing it, but something made me believe it. It took me a while to talk myself into getting it still, but I eventually came around. At my first attempt to get my surface piercing done, the tattooist was such a gentlemen, except he knew my parents, and he knew they would never let me get that type of piercing done, he told me that before he did it would have to call my parents to make sure I was allowed to get it done. My plan had failed, I had to tell him the truth, so I wouldn't get in trouble by my parents, and neither would he.

After that incident it took me another two weeks to find a tattooist that was qualified and was hygienic, I asked around, to my friends, relatives, and relatives of friends, I eventually found a place near the end of the town. I had all the money I needed, and set off down the road to the tattooist, When I got there I realised I hadn't called them to make sure they were open, which was a stupid thing to do, because the tattooist was closed that day!. I decided that I would go the next day, but before I left I made sure he was open, luckily I rung when I did, because I left it until the afternoon, just as I rung he told me I had better hurry because he was just about to close, I thought it was so nice how he didn't just reject me and tell me to come back another day.

I arrived just in time, as I walked in I could see all the other pictures of other piercings that fascinated me, I was thinking about what other types of piercings I might like, but I knew that none of the piercings would suit me, which sucked. The tattooist took me into a little room near the back of the shop; I suppose this room was the one most of the piercings were done in. At first I told me to come over and lift my shirt up, I did so with no hesitations, he cleaned all my stomach up where he was going to pierce, and then put the markings on it with a pen. He told me to lay down on the leather couch type thing, I lay down waiting for what I thought would be one of the most pains I have ever felt, he asked me if I was ready, what I stupid question, of course I was ready!. He told me I would feel a little prick that freaked me out a bit. But then all of a sudden he said he was done! I couldn't believe it! My first surface piercing and it was so easy! Its been a couple of years since I got it done, and it has turned out great, I love my piercing so much, at first there was a little bruising, but I cleaned it and it turned out great.

I am hoping to soon get my nose done, I can't wait!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 10 July 2007
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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