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horizontal cleavage

I decided I wanted my second cleavage piercing a year after I took my vertical one out. It had started rejecting after the dog jumped up and caught it one day but the scars I had left were minimal and I missed it so much. I decided I'd have this one placed a little higher than the last as it had been a problem sleeping with it as I would roll over in the night and my boobs would squish it. I wanted as little movement as possible.

I had my last cleavage piercing done at Punktured in Brighton, but as I had moved back home I had changed studios. I found Hepcat in Chelmsford and had a few other bits and pieces done and I'd always been really impressed with the friendliness and professionalism. I'd talked to Claire a couple of times about getting it re-done and decided to just take the plunge one day after work.

Stupidly I'd had nothing to eat all day and was feeling kind of nervous. Even though my last one hadn't really hurt at all, I'd sat going through it in my head all day at work. I think it was more a mixture of nervousness and excitement, although I hate getting pierced I love the feeling afterwards! So knowing it was getting late and that Chelmsford was quite a way away from us I grabbed a bar of chocolate and a drink and jumped in the car.

By the time we got there I was feeling a bit sick but that's normal for me. I spoke to Claire, filled out all the forms and sat down ready to wait as there was someone getting something done before me. About five minutes later it was my turn.

I followed Claire upstairs and sat down on the bed. I made my boyfriend come up too for hand holding duties and he really wasn't impressed by this. Every time he's come with me before he's always turned round as the piercers said "there you go your done." Rather than this meaning the jewellery's in and its all finished, they meant the needles through and so he always tends to green out a bit.

Claire cleaned all the area and got all her stuff ready. She marked on the dots using the jewellery itself (surface bar) then spent a while pinching my skin and wobbling it about to see if I had enough flesh there. She reckoned I just about did. My last piercing had been done freehand and so it was weird having clamps put on. It took a while to get them positioned properly but once they were on they felt fine. I wasn't really worried about bruising as I really never bruise for anything (which can sometimes be well annoying when people don't believe you've actually hurt yourself!). I was hoping I'd be lying down for the actual piercing as I could close my eyes and concentrate on my breathing, but Claire said it would be easier for her if I was sitting up. Rather than kind of shutting off, which is what I normally do, I was so aware of everything and completely forgot about my breathing. It seemed like forever for the needle to go through and at one stage it did nearly make me go "ouch" but then it was done and the jewellery was in and I could relax again. Looking back on it now, I remember that it hurt more than the other one, but it wasn't unbearable and I'm the biggest wuss ever. I'd definitely go back and get other surface piercings.

Claire checked that it was sitting ok and did all the usual care stuff. I paid and feeling well happy left and went shopping for a bit. It bled a tiny bit around one of the posts, but nothing major. It didn't get in the way of things as much as my old one like with seatbelts and stuff.

That night when I took my bra off it ached quite a lot. This happened for like a week until it settled into my skin. Every night I would prop myself up with pillows to stop me rolling over, but I normally sleep on my front so I had a good few sleepless nights. By the second week I had really bad back ache at about 3 am every morning and so had started rolling over whilst I was asleep. I would wake up in the morning with the bar sticking right through on one side. This meant it was sometimes a bit red around the posts. By the 5th week I had noticed that because I only slept on one side, it had started to look a bit wonky although it wasn't rejecting.

By the sixth week I noticed more of the post was starting to show and so knew it wasn't staying in much longer. Although it took a long time to migrate, I had caught it really badly in the shower and it was looking well angry. Also I got a cold and so it stayed manky for a while even though I was doing sea salt soaks every day. I was going to wait till it had cleared up but it was starting to look really bad and I had run out of ways of hiding its angriness at work so last night I took the plunge and removed it. By now a good 3mm of post was sticking out. Taking out my last one was the most painful thing ever, as it got stuck half way through, so this time I had my boyfriend on hand to try and clamp my skin. His big man fingers kept getting in the way so I took a deep breath and twisted it out. I was expecting it to hurt a lot, but I didn't actually feel a thing which was a big relief! I was well sad though to see it go and this morning woke up and felt a bit down about it. Its healing nicely though.

Although I knew it would never be forever, I thought I'd have it a bit longer as I'd been so careful with it. To me though it was money well spent and I already have plans to go get it re-done. There's still so much other stuff on my list of stuff I want so I might wait and get something a bit different first.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 10 July 2007
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: claire
Studio: hepcat+tattoos
Location: chelmsford%2C+Essex%2C+UK

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