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Surface Piercing and Scarification Don't Mix

At least not in the healing process. And yet I keep seeming to do it.

I had a madison start to reject two days after a very bloody scarification. I had spent months being oh so careful only to drag a towel hard across it just after that first wicked shower after you have been cut. Next day it swelled and nothing I did helped much. Mostly this meant sea salt soaks and leaving it alone. I showed the piercer a few weeks later as I was getting another cut. I said " I think I killed the madison" He looked and just shook his head. I pulled it out and focused on the cutting. The piercing scar accidently got lemon juiced and vinegared and covered in plastic alot when I got cut sort of nearby and was irritating the wound.But no problems really. Just dots.

About a month ago I was due to have another cutting but when I got there high drama was afoot at ye olde tattoo parlour. The guy who does my stuff had quit but then come back with limited hours. When I got there he had been off work for hours just waiting around to reschedule. I was sad but whatever. He was really nice about it explaining the problems he was having there and all. I still wanted something but no one else around there does cuts and I really don't like the piercer who was working in the shop that night. She was part of the "drama".

There are several places on this street and alot of times people from various shops hang out in front on the street. While standing around talking and trying to resign myself to heading home in one unaltered piece I was indroduced to Ron from one of the other shops. My regular piercer/cutter thought I should go home and come back next week.But I wanted something. The fact that I did'nt seem to care what bugged him. I asked him if Ron's set up was clean. He said yes but don't ever go there when he's not in.

So I went with Ron to the place he works out of. The place was a nightmare. Looked like the jewelery department at Kmart or something. Rotating racks of ugly fake gemstone junk. The tattoo area freaked me out bad. I am used to glass enclosed work spaces. This was like a bull pen. Three or four people layed out within inches and feet of each other getting inked. I had to walk past them to get to this little room at the back when he does the piercings.

All nice and OSHA certified so ...okay. He said what are we doing here? I had no answer. I said maybe sternum? Uncommited. He yeah or how about surface clavacles? I will give you a deal for the two. I said yes thinking that at worst it would be some more dot scars.

He said take your shirt off. I said no. He just looked at me without changing expression. I know I am ridiculous but I can't be exposed to much. I showed him the way my ripped t-shirt pulls all the way down. I even had my chest( and tops of tits) cut this way. He said alright as long as it put no tension on the skin. It did'nt.

He talked abit. He knew an old piercer friend of mine from way back. But then he said to lay down in the chair. I wanted to object. I hate to lay down. The madison was done upright. I decided to not object having already made an issue of the shirt thing. He pierced the left side first. Felt like a vampire bite but no blood. I thought how ironic what with all the bleeding I have done recently. Then he clamped the right side. It felt wrong. Too pinchy. When I saw it in the mirror afterwards I could see it was too shallow. I told him. He said it only looked that way because the first had swelled already. Whatever.

I left the shop and people were still out in front of the other place. My regular guy said " What'd you get pierced? " I said can I ask you to check it and tell me if it looks shalllow. He did'nt want to infringe on his friend but took a look. I promised not to repeat his opinion. Suffice to say when I saw him a few days later he said " Did you pull them out yet?"

I had not. I wanted to let them ride and see what happened. I did'nt touch them at all only sea salt water and occaional antibactial soap washed over it. They didnt looked great but seemed to be healing especially the left side. I never held much hope for the right but it was hanging in. Then I did it again. A new cut. A skin removal too. When I was at the shop one of the tattoo artists I have seen alot of recently noticed the new piercings from like 10 feet away. He said " Ughhh. Who pierced you? You DON'T get pierced by any one but LoBes." He's right and I won't. The madison piercing was a thing of beauty while it lasted. Hovering silver balls. These always looked like scary bits of metal in my neck.Not that I minded too much. Beauty is not my thing.

Well these little monsters did'nt like being in the shadow of my cutting/irritation process. Yesterday they felt a bit itchy and just more there. Today I woke up with the left one all puffy. I decided to remove them. I could'nt. I got all claustrophobic. I did'nt want to have to go downtown and ask for help. I had to use a hemastat clamp I had around from a former incarnation to hold it and twist. This was unpleasant but it worked. I pulled the bar too fast coming out though and really scraped it along the inside of the piercing. That sucked.

Now I have six little red dots around my throat.These did'nt work out but as long as it's clean there's no real harm to be done.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 27 June 2007
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Ron
Studio: Can%27t+remember+exactly
Location: NYC+West+Villiage

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