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Six bar side corset

I knew it was time for a new piercing. I didn't want a facial, and I didn't want a genital, which lead me to explore surface piercings. After many hours of pouring over BME, reading articles and looking through pictures, I became increasingly entranced by corset piercings. After reading an article about corsets by Shannon, I decided to get one comprised of surface bars.

Then came the placement issue. To begin with, I wanted one on my back, but after taking some things into consideration, I re-thought that and decided to get one on my left side. On my back, I would have trouble sleeping, I wouldn't be able to wear a backpack, and keeping it clean would be incredibly difficult. I also like the look of the side corset a little more, it has less of a gothic look to it (not that I find it unattractive, it's just not me), and I like my sides better than my back anyways.

So I went into Tattoo's by Mike and Piercing's by Nick, and talked to Nick for about 2 hours about placement healing etc. I got an incredible vibe off of him, and knew that he was who I wanted to poke some holes in me. I was instantly comfortable, and returned three times to talk to him, about piercing and spirituality and DJ-ing and whatever else. Just to be comfortable with him, and to know everything about the procedure before I went through with it. I had to wait about a month before I could get it done, because I had planned on going on a 5 day hiking trip, and the dirt and rubbing of a backpack on a new piercing would be a BAD idea.

So I diligently waited and when I got back, I returned once again to the shop, and proclaimed that I wanted it done as soon as he could fit me in. He told me to come back the next day after I got off work and we would get it done. Unfortunately the next day, he came through the drive through (I work at Tim Horton's) and he let me know that he didn't have enough of the same length of bars, and wouldn't be able to do it the next day, but he had ordered some, and they would be in on either Friday or Monday (It was Tuesday at the time). I was so disappointed, but hey, these things happen. So I called him on Friday and he let me know that yes, the bars came in, but he was incredibly busy and wanted to be in the right mind frame for such an intensive piercing and asked if I minded coming in on Saturday.

After I got off work at 2, I rushed home, showered, hit the bank and went back to the shop. When I got there he was tapering someone's ears, so I waited for about twenty minutes. The longer I stood there the shakier I got. I was a little bit nervous, but also excited. I had waited so long for this, and now it was happening. I went in and it took him 45 mins to get the placement correct. He drew many lines on me, and really took my input and worked with it. After that was done, we stepped outside for a quick break before we got started on the piercing.

He had me lay down on my side, and just then his girlfriend walked in. She was incredibly nice and held my hand when I needed something to squeeze. I was soo thankful that she was there. The bars he used didn't have 90 degree angles, because while it's healing and swelling, it's better to have a little room to move. So he used bars that looked like this

(the one on the bottom).

In insertion of the needle wasn't too bad, it just kind of stung, and while it was underneath my skin, it didn't hurt whatsoever, it just felt really cool. I could feel it moving, but it wasn't painful. The exit hurt. This was the part where he had me count to three then say "Ahhhh!" and this was also the part where I squeezed the girl's hand. I was very good about not tensing up until the fifth barbell. At that point I tensed up, and he had to re-pierce the exit hole because eh was about 2mm off where he wanted to be. But other than that it ran smoothly. We sat outside afterwards, and he gave me some fruit punch to get some sugar back into me since when you're piercing the sugars rush to your skin. It was great; I was high off adrenaline and endorphines. A true high.

I was told to come back on Monday (which is tomorrow) for him to do a good cleaning job and to keep tabs on it. He suggested that I clean it with warm water twice a day with a q-tip, and to see him every second day for a while so he can make sure everything is working well, and switch to 90 degree surface bars. This man is so dedicated he is a true inspiration to me.

So far, it's just felt like I have a splinter in my side, or someone's pinching me from time to time, but overall, I'm very happy with the minimal pain. I hope that this will be a long term investment that I can fancy up with slave barbells from time to time, that most of all remains healthy. Even if I grow old and take them out, I will still have a set of 12 evenly spaced dots on my side, a scar worth having.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 27 June 2007
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Nick
Studio: Piercings+by+Nick
Location: Duncan%2C+Canada

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