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My microdermal! (cleavage)

 At the end of January of this year (07), after months of deliberation, I decided I would like to get my clavicles pierced. When I arrived at the shop, Matt told me about this new type of anchor/implant/piercing he was perfecting. It was called a Microdermal. He briefly explained the process to me, but then announced that he wasn't ready to do the procedure on any of his clients just yet. So, with that out of the question, he proceeded to pierce my clavicles with a clamp and needle.

Fast forward 3 months and I'm back at the shop getting my rejecting clavicles taken out. Needless to say, they didn't last long. While I was in the shop again that time, Matt and I discussed microdermals once again. He said that he was getting closer to being able to do them on his clients and he'd be ready and willing to re-do my clavicles for me with microdermals instead of a clamp and needle in not too long, if that is what I wanted. I told him I'd think on it and I left that day with my surface bars in a baggy in my pocket.

A month and a half later, after much deliberation and a little bit of looking around I was back at the shop once again. This time with a few questions, a friend, and a tentative plan to get one r two microdermals done in my cleavage. After thinking about a few of the things Matt had said about microdermals (the permanent factor, and the piercing procedure) I had a few more questions for him. I was concerned with having this piercing for eternity. I knew I wanted this piercing for longer than 3 months, but I didn't know if I was willing to be an 80 year old lady with a piece of jewelry between her sagging boobs. He told me that it was a minor implant, so getting it out would involve more than just your average piercing, but he said it could be done. That settled my nerves on that issue. My next question was what was the procedure like? Before my clavicles I had only ever had my nostril and ear lobes pierced, and both didn't involve much, but this was different. Matt explained the procedure to me in a little more detail than he had before, but I found out quickly that there wasn't much detail to the piercing anyways! It was much less traumatizing than a surface piercing and only involved a needle, a taper and the jewelry. That settled that question! We chatted about the piercing for a little more, placement, how many and what size I'd like. I decided on one larger flat disk in my cleavage, fairly high up. Before I had seen the jewelry I was concerned that it may just look like a mole, or birthmark between my boobs, but the disk was so nicely finished that I decided no one could ever mistake it for anything than what it was. Matt was pretty excited to do this piercing and he kept saying how awesome it would look, so we got down to business.

My friend and I waited on the bench in the waiting area of the shop while Matt bustled about getting things set up and cleaned in the back for us. When he was ready, my friend and I came into the back of the shop and I settled down into the chair and got ready. This piercing was really nerve wracking for me, and thinking back on it now, I'm not sure why. I made the smart choice that day and wore a deep V American Apparel shirt, so there was lots of room to plot out the point on my chest. The plotting took a maximum of 10 minutes, and on the 3rd dot, we got it. I was sitting up for this process, then Matt decided it would be better to pierce me while I was lying down. So we adjusted the chair, I found a good bar on the side of it to clutch to, and everything was ready to go.

The actual piercing of the area only took a maximum of 2 minutes, and that's really stretching it. I would say it only took one. Matt raised my skin with his fingers around the area that would be pierced and lined up the needle with the dot he had made. He then instructed me to take a deep breath as he slipped the needle in. The pain was a little more than when I got my clavicles done, which surprised him afterwards, but I said it was probably because the clamps numbed the area somewhat the first time. After the needle was in, he instructed me to take another deep breath as he used a taper to slide the jewelry in. We then only had one step left! He unscrewed the taper from the jewelry and with some difficulty(since the disk is so fine) screwed the disk on. I didn't bleed at all, which surprises me now because when I look at photos of others getting microdermals and transdermals there seems to be a lot of blood. So after the disk was screwed on, I sat up and had a look at it in the mirror Matt handed me. It looked SO so sweet! Matt was standing at my feet and when I looked down at the piercing without the mirror I could see his reflection in it! Matt was really stoked on it as well and he said it turned out great. He then went to get his camera to take a photo of it while I checked it out in the full length mirror. To his dissapointment, he forgot his camera at home that day, so no photo.

As we headed back out into the main room of the shop to pay, and go over aftercare instructions, the man that makes the microdermal jewelry was sitting on the bench waiting to talk to Matt. Matt enthusiastically told the guy to check out my new piercing and he seemed pretty happy with it as well. After Matt gave me the instructions for taking care of my new baby, and I paid and thanked him profusely, we were off.

It's now been almost a week with my piercing and the only thing that's given me trouble is my skin is red and irritated around the piercing because of the bandaids and tape I put on it when I sleep. My piercing is doing really well and seems to be healing up nicely. I plan to go back to the shop in a few weeks after the redness around the piercing goes down to get Matt to take a photo of it. I'm still so so happy with it and I can't wait for it to heal fully so I can stop using these dumb bandaids and tape!


submitted by: zeemie
on: 27 June 2007
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Matt
Studio: Perservere+Piercing
Location: Kelowna%2C+BC

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