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My first surface piercing

I decided to get my nape done after I first saw one in person. Up to that point, I had had several piercings, but most of them were fairly common. I had always thought about doing a surface piercing, but I was very indecisive  until I saw a nape. My sister is a piercer, and she had never done a nape, but she was familiar with the dermal punch and taper method, so we decided to attempt it. I did put it off a few times, but then eventually decided to just get it over with. We researched the procedure carefully and planned a day to attempt it.  

On the day we planned, I did not get too nervous, just the basic adrenaline rush that I get with any piercing(God I love that rush!). I had read a few experiences on BME about napes done with a punch and a taper, and they all said it was relatively painless. This set me up to underestimate the piercing a bit. We setup the area, and she cleaned the area carefully, and marked the placement for the holes. At this point, my heart started to pound with anticipation. I then got a reprieve. We encountered a slight problem, as we were unable to determine exactly how deep to punch. At this point, we just had to guess. The thing we learned is that there was almost no way to figure out the correct depth without actual practice. This made me slightly nervous, but she had done many piercings on me before this one, and they had all turned out beautifully, so I decided to put it in her hands, and go from there. It also helped that is was on the back of my neck, so I really had no idea about anything. She decided on an approximate depth, and she inserted the punch into my neck. I was not sure exactly what to expect at first, as I have never had a dermal punch. I admit I was a little surprised at the intensity of the pain. The type of pain was quite unlike any other that I had encountered, and I have had quite a few piercings, as well as a tattoo. 

 It was a sharp burning sensation, and was rather uncomfortable. She then punched the other side. However, the problem lied in attempting to slide the taper through in between the layers of skin. The pain here was quite intense. She was able to get the bar in about halfway, but then it did not want to follow the taper. She tapered from both sides, and we again attempted to slide the surface bar through. It continued to snag at the halfway point. I told her to just try to shove it through, but it kept catching. We stopped for a moment to try to brainstorm different ways to try to get it to work, as after this much effort and pain, I was not giving it up! 

We finally decided on another idea. She took a needle, and attempted to slowly cut away at some of the skin that was impeding the progress of the bar.  This caused a different pain sensation. The strangest feeling of all was the definite differences in pain between the left hole and the right hole. The craziest feeling is one type of pain on one side and a completely different pain on the other. Even after quite a bit of pain, I began to wonder if it had something to do with the left side of the brain controlling the right side of the body, and vice-versa.  Then the pain returned. After about half an hour, we decided to bend one side of the bar down, creating a straight line to attempt to thread through the holes. This got us a little further through, but not quite enough. We used another needle to cut away a little more skin from the holes where the bar was still catching. 

 When the bar finally went through, there was just an amazing feeling to ecstasy that can only be attributed to a new piercing. We were unable to bend the bar back to its original shape, because that hurt quite a bit. I plan to fix it within the next few days. The entire process took about forty-five minutes, and although there was quite a bit of intense pain, the entire process was completely worth the pain, and has now healed quite nicely. I have been washing the area with a sea salt solution every day, and it has helped considerably. The main problem I have had was that at work, I have a name badge on a lanyard, and have snagged the barbell with the lanyard on numerous occasions. I did have a small bubble begin to form on the left hole, but with a couple extra sea salt washes for about a week, it has shrank to almost nothing.  

 I experienced almost no pain after about a week, except for the occasional snags of course, and I have had it done for about 2 months now.. I definitely look forward to getting my next surface piercing, most likely on the front of my neck, as closely mirroring my nape as possible.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 27 June 2007
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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