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My first surface piercing.. ON MY FACE! (+2more)

I was at the local coffee shop with my boyfriend a while back and I remember seeing this girl walk in and she had a piercing that I had never seen before. I started reading up on it and found out that it was called a "vertical bridge". I knew as soon as I saw it that I wanted to have it, so that on top of the fact that my boyfriend wanted nothing more than for me to actually go through with the prcedure, I went to Inner Reflections and talked about having it done.

I found out that day that my friend Chris, the owner of the shop, had done that girls piercing and I knew right away that I had found the shop to go to, and what do you know.. walking distance from my house!

By the time that I had actually gotten up the courage to get it done about 6 months had gone by. FOr the past three days I tossed the idea back and forth in my head... "Do I really want to get this done?"... "What is my family going to say?"... "What is my boss going to say."... on top of just being plain nervous about having a needle shoved into the skin on my forehead. In the end I got paid $20 more than I expected and called my boyfriend (who just got pierced at the same shop just the day before) and told him that I was going to meet him at the shop and that I was getting pierced. I could tell just by listening to him that he was excited beyond all belief. So I got to the shop, they had already expected me to be in today because I told them yesterday that I was going to get my dual nostril piercings, so they weren't surprised to see me... they never are anyways, lol!

So I got to the shop around 4PM and ran into my friend Jason who was getting new jewelry for his septum, and I told Brandy that I was going to get my nose done, she was excited. She told me that she had never done a vert. brdige piercing and that if I let her do it instead of Chris that he probably wouldn't charge me. After being told by Jason, my boyfriend and my friend Shannon that I should definitely have it done, I finally got up the courage to ask Chris. I didn't expect him to really go along with it, but he did! I was amazed, and all of the sudden the panic that I had been feeling about getting it done, the reason that I put off getting it done, set back in and I got nervous.

I had to run home and pick up my ID and work off a little bit of my nervousness and back to the shop I went. Brandy first did my nose piercings, which didn't hurt NEARLY as much as I had expected them to. Which really means that they didn't hurt at all, they actually kind of tickled! Chris was busy doing a tattoo and couldn't be there to over-look Brandy doing my vert. bridge, sicne she hadn't done any yet and he had, so I got to take a good 1.5-2 hour break and get collected.

I got back to the shop at about 7:15PM and Brandy told me that Chris was done and they were ready for me. Immediately my friends got all excited and I got nervous, AGAIN! We went in, I was doing okay until Chris started explaining the process step-by-step to Brandy. I was laying on the table, I was marked and Brandy was ready and I couldn't do it... I have nerves like spaghetti! :) I got a cold glass of water, went to the bathroom, looked in the mirror at how great just the dots on my forehead looked and thought about how wonderful the actual piercing would be and I went back upstairs into the room where everyone was waiting for me. I layed down and decided that I was too far in to back out now, that it was going to look great and it wasn't going to last long and I told her to do it.

The needle went in and I barely felt it. She went a little too far and if she didn't pull back a little it would have pierced beyond my upper marking, so she did what she had to do and pulled back a little bit to get it right on. Honestly, that was the most painful part of this piercing, but still wasnt any worse than someone just taking their nail and rubbing it against your forehead. Next thing I know Chris is telling her to get it lined up and give it one good push and I was pierced! It stung a little bit after she got the needle through the other side, but it was just because the needle was putting pressure on the piercing and it went away as soon as the jewelry went in. It's been about 4 hours now since I got the last of all 3 of my piercings today and I have NO pain. My nose feels great, my vertical bridge doesn't hurt at all. I would go through this all over again if I had to. Minus the being nervous, because there was nothing to be afraid of.

My only advice to anyone that is going to get a surface piercing done is to make sure that you go to someone experienced, and if your piercer isn't experienced (like in my case) make sure that there is someone with them guiding them through it that has done it before and KNOWS what they are doing. You don't want that to get messed up!


submitted by: ladyhellcat315
on: 27 June 2007
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Brandy+Lee
Studio: Inner+Reflections
Location: Postdam%2C+NY

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